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Make it 7! (Canadian NHL teams)

Since I don’t have anything particularly compelling to post on politics today (so far), I thought I might as well state I support Jim Balsillie’s efforts to relocate the bankrupt Phoenix Coyote’s NHL team to somewhere in Southern Ontario, where fans will actually support the team. (Unfortunately, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seems to have a problem with grasping that concept if it involves crossing the 49th parallel – or the equivalent Canada/US border crossing).

Here’s the simple but effective website promoting that effort to bring back the team originally based in Winnipeg – if not back there, at least back to its home and native land.


10 comments to Make it 7! (Canadian NHL teams)


    oh ok im sorry ontario your a great place i will discover you some time, i just drink alot because i miss the good old days when winnipeg had crappy hockey team in the nhl just like all the other cities that do, we dont need the cup we just need extention cords to pulg in our cars even though i never do , i take good care of my 02 cavalir it always starts too except for that one time but it was cold and it only took a couple of tries


    OK so you dont get it, thats ok ill explain it to you, canadian players are always winning the cup, dustin penner of the ducks came to winnipeg and winkler and i was proud, a franchise is nothing but a way of making money, so it doesnt matter if american teams win they are probably half canadian players anyway and two putting a team in ontario will never get a cup to a canadian team because ontario is more of and american state than a part of canada, thats why you are doing worse in these bad money times than us poor places like winnipeg, we are the real canadians here, its been ten years and im still pissed off about the jets, im a real canadian, i love hockey and when you have real dedicated fans players will play better because they are proud of there fans, thats why monteal lost because why would a team play to win for a city that boos them, check out the moose they are a happy team and they know who they are playin for, thats right thats why the most intense football game last year was the banjo bowl between saska..whatever.. and the bombers, the players played hard intense football for the fans of winnipeg and those people beside us think about why are all the best preformances coming to us this summer check into it theres to many great bands i cant even name them all but i am going to slayer, im sorry if you think im being to dumb but I AM CANADIAN and i miss my JETS you cant just give real canadians a team then take it away, go penguins, Crosby is Canada

  • I think the Coyotes should move to Hamilton or London Ontario, because they have airports hotels and a big fan base. ITs our dam game, and we only have 6 canadian teams,while a USA team is winning the cup every year. Im a huge Leafers fan, but im starting to cheer for the Pens more and more because they compette for the cup every year. so please bring another team to Canada. PLEASE

  • Ben

    Put the coyotes in Milton Ontario!!!


    that team belongs in winnipeg , our city raised lots of money and we were just short, so i ask where was the rich ontario guy when that canadian was in trouble he doesnt care about canada all he cares about is ontario, go ahead buy the team move it to ontario where youll just have more teams that will never win the cup

  • Cam Jackson

    Too bad Bettman you were caught with your pants down! Jim – Some day you will have a team. If you do not like the flavour of the NHL why not start a professional league in Canada. Call it the “Big Six” and include teams coast to coast like Halifax, Hamilton and Saskatoon.If the core of players were Canadian and lets say 5 imports/team with a minimum salary of $100,000 / maximum of $200,000 you would ice a great product. Canadian players playing first and second division in Europe would return home. A fifty game schedule and refinement of rules would entice fans to the rinks. Just a thought – “GO GET EM JIM”!

  • Nick

    I can see why Bettman would fight this, I mean why should phoenix sell a team that can’t even sell tickets? I mean sure a new canadian hockey team in Southern Ontario would sell out night after night. Sure it would help out the Canadian economy. But it would only help out canadians and the NHL, it won’t help the americans. So yeah, I can see why he would fight this.

    Seriously though, they don’t want a hockey team here, because it will sell out. Thus raising the salary cap, thus hurting southern teams like Florida and Tampa. I say “who cares” If we sell out because we love the game, why should we be punished for caring more?

  • Regina could use an NHL team.

    Seriously though, I like Bettman less each year.

  • I think Jim Basillie should be trying to buy one of the California teams. But first, Team Canada will need to borrow the jerseys for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The House of Commons has given its “seal” of approval to the new Olympic team uniform: .

  • Come on Scott, this does set a dangerous precedent and Bettman does have a point. I mean, if Southern Ontario gets an NHL team, next thing you know, Toronto will want one….


    I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

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