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Wednesday thoughts in brief.

– Some of you out there may have read that the Conservative Party has tightened up their process for allowing a challenge to their incumbent MP’s in a nomination battle. While I’ll agree that one of the reasons given for this extra incumbent protection by the Conservatives is laughable – their MP’s don’t need the extra stress while they’re operating in a minority government situation – I’ll point out that there is little independence allowed MP’s in how they vote in the House of Commons. Rob Anders may be a jerk, but if he lost to someone else, that someone else would still vote the exact same way as the party’s “whip” would tell them to. The same goes for the Liberals and every other party in our parliamentary system of government, where it has evolved into MP’s being forced to vote for their party’s position on 95% of the Bills or motions brought up to vote on. That said, I believe it should in most cases be left up to the local riding to decide who runs for them in that riding, because it really ticks off local riding people when the national office of any party dictates to them who can and can’t run (particularly if they parachute a candidate in). If the local riding association members want someone else that will reflect their partisan views, but be less extreme about it, then they should be allowed that choice.

– Partially related to my above point, you’ve heard of the nanny troubles Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla has encountered. She has just tendered her resignation as the Multiculturalism and Youth Critic until the matter gets resolved. This is an appropriate step for her to take in my view. I’ll also say if these allegations are proven true, it could fall into one of those cases where the national executive may have to step in, and where it would be appropriate for them to do so.

– I see per BCL that we have a new news aggregator on the scene called CanadaNews Desk. My initial impressions is it looks sharp, but I note it only seems to be aggregating traditional media; it isn’t linking to any blogpost pieces such as what National Newswatch does, and I’d like to see that.


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  • John W

    Who’se behind or owns this new site? I couldn’t find any info at the bottom of the page.

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