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Harper about to show again to the world we’re dinosaurs on climate change.

This isnt surprising at all, but it continues to be embarrassing:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears set to clash with European Union leaders over Canada’s climate change efforts at an annual summit.. A draft version of the communiqué to be signed in Prague tomorrow indicates Canada is resisting a push to bring its greenhouse gas fighting efforts into line with those of the vast majority of nations. European Union leaders decided to insist on a summit declaration that recognizes 1990 as the baseline year to measure greenhouse gas emission reductions. That date is the global norm as well as the date recognized by the majority of Canadian provinces and municipalities that are seeking to reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gas emissions.  But Harper has dug in his heels and indicated Canada will stick to a 2006 baseline, two sources say. That date lets the Alberta oil sands profit from the spectacular growth in operations over the last several years. The province’s economic engine was in relative infancy in 1990. Now it’s Canada’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Europeans need to dig their own heels in on this, and not strip out the 1990 date from the final document. Harper is not going to be in power forever, and despite my misgivings on Michael Ignatieff’s own softening of position towards the tar-sands (which I will remind people  is the proper term for them, by the way; oil-sands is trying to sanitize what they really are), there has been no indication from either him or the Liberals that they’d be pushing the date of measured emissions up to 2006.

One climate change dinosaur in George Bush has disappeared; the last of the Western world’s species in Harper will not be far behind.  Look to the long term, EU: don’t let Harper’s posturing scare you.


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