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New Liberal leader, New Liberal logo

Courtesy of CalgaryGrit:

It’s interesting that it was thought we needed a new Liberal logo to go along with the “new” Liberal leader. It’s not a big deal to me though; logos don’t win elections. The new leader and his policies will have to do that.


14 comments to New Liberal leader, New Liberal logo

  • Reading all the comments left here, it seems people have much to say about the new logo of the Liberal Party of Canada.
    What a fabulous (missed)opportunity for the Party’s “new” elite to ask our grassroots to get creative with some of their own Photoshop creation – which incidentally could have been voted online, on En Famille for instance. Talking about engaging Liberals members… But then of course, the bottom-up approach never was Apps’s forte!

  • Maybe they’re trying to add a little Lefty Orange into the mix to appease the party progressives 🙂

    Alf Apps’ speech (I think it was him – they all started blending together) talked about the ’68 convention and the theme of “C’est Printemps!” That’s where this logo’s coming from – it’s supposed to be the first leaf of spring.

  • Johnny Boy

    I hate it. The color looks washed, it was not necessary to change the previous logo which looked better but which also was well known. Any such change brings the need to spend a lot of money, which the party hardly has enough, to develop and reprint documents, etc… Also, it takes time to rebrand a party.

    A waste of my, and every other member’s, money.

  • I think it’s just a case of marketing people trying to justify their existence.

  • sam

    With the exception of Stephane Dion, the Liberal PArty has changed (altered) its logo with each new Leader.

  • Karem Allen

    One more thing to note about logo changes, it is also a revenue stream, all the die hard hockey fans have to buy all new shirts and stuff when a team goes with a new look! So now we Liberals have to buy all new T shirts!

    There should be a Liberal Store on the national website.

    Look at all this stuff “they” have – it is a direct link from the main site.

    They have a combination lock USB drive with Conservative logo– must be so sensitve documents dont get left lying around anywhere.

  • Karem Allen

    Could the maple leaf be any closer to the right side of the image 🙂

  • slg

    I like it, but I wish it was a little darker red.

  • Scott, I think you’d be surprised at how much a new logo does or does not win elections and how little policy does or does not win elections. It worked for the Conservatives in 2006.

  • When I saw it, I suspected it might be new or perhaps something just for Convention.

    It looks quite close to the New Brunswick Liberal logo, actually. I like it.

  • Tom

    Not sure I like the colour, but I’ll get over it. I like the font better.

  • lr

    I like it! 🙂

  • That’s new? Wouldn’t have known.

    Looks ok.

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