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Weighted and unamended OMOV passes.

Well, if nothing else was done at this Liberal convention, I strongly felt that Weighted One Member One Vote needed to be passed.. and it needed to be passed without adding a self-defeating quota into its equation. If you’re reading the Liberal bloggers who are at the Convention, you will know that weighted One Member One Vote passed, and that the Young Liberals amendment to add a 25% quota reserved for youth voters failed, both overwhelmingly, according to those observing the vote.

With regards to the Young Liberals and the elections for executive positions they were holding simultaneously, I understand that among the candidates that were elected, Sam Lavoie was elected as the President of the YLC. I extend my congratulations to him and all the elected candidates, and I sincerely hope the YLC under Sam’s direction and the others who were elected will now take the steps required to grow the youth membership in the YLC, so that they can have the influence on a leadership contest that they wanted to retain with their quota. I was never “anti-youth” in opposing their quota amendment; on the contrary, I think the more youth in the LPC, and the younger the party is, the better. But as Justin Trudeau remarked, a quota would have been self-defeating and would have been a disincentive to growing those youth numbers. Now there will be PLENTY of incentive to aggressively recruit new members to join.

I also want to congratulate YLC presidential candidate John Lennard on a remarkable campaign, and particularly for having the courage to go against his own organization’s motion. He will be back in some shape or form, I am sure, and I hope Sam will utilize some or all of the ideas John put forth as ways to grow those YLC membership numbers.

UPDATE @ 9:09 pm: I am told by some reliable sources that the vote between John Lennard and Sam Lavoie was a tie vote and was decided by a coin toss, which is the apparent mandated way to break the tie in the event that occurs. Ouch.


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