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The media and One Member One Vote continued..

We will soon find out in a few hours whether OMOV passes (hopefully), and whether or not it will reserve a 25% quota for Young Liberals (hopefully not), but in the meantime, for those still making up their minds, the Toronto Star’s editorial this AM gives an endorsement to the weighted OMOV system:

Wisely, the Liberal hierarchy has chosen a “weighted” system similar to the one used by the federal Conservatives, under which each riding is worth 100 “points” regardless of how many members there are. The points are divvied up according to the percentage vote won by candidates in that riding association. So a riding association with just a handful of party members – say, Red Deer in Alberta (a Liberal wasteland) – would count the same as one in Liberal-friendly Scarborough, with hundreds of members. This system may seem inherently undemocratic. But it has the merit of forcing candidates to win support across the country, not just in pockets with disproportionately high levels of Liberal membership. So when the Liberals meet in Vancouver today, they will be asked to turn a page on their leadership selection process, but in a way that should help them reinforce their status as a national party.

I’ll note again that this editorial like others say the Liberals are “expected” to pass this. I certainly hope that’s the reality on the ground.


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