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An observation about the media’s observation of OMOV

Most of the readers who read this blog know that with regards to the Liberal Convention and the proposed constitutional amendments that will be voted on, I’m very much in support of the weighted One-Member-One-Vote passing, and for the Young Liberals of Canada sub-amendment asking for a 25% quota to be included in it to be rejected. (By the way, I’m not in Vancouver covering this; I’ve been amused at how many people presume I’m there, but I’m not. I simply couldn’t afford the price cost to go out there. That’s another reason I’m in favour of OMOV passing; so all members have a say in picking the leader wherever they might be, and not just the rich or connected or lucky enough to have the money to go to the Convention).

I’m going to try and not re-hash that position here again, but in brief, I’ve read in a few media publications talking about the Liberals Convention, including this one, that the media perceives that One-Member-One-Vote is most likely to be approved by the Liberal membership.

Two things that interest me here: I’m interested to know how exactly the media are getting that perception; from talking to senior party leaders, or delegates, or a combination of both? Related to that, I’ve also noticed a lack of mentioning by the media of the YLC’s sub-amendment, and the threat by some of that organization’s executive to ask their youth delegates to vote against OMOV if their measure fails.

My initial conclusion is that either the media have discounted the possibility that the YLC will find enough support amongst their own delegation to nuke OMOV and go against what most of their party executive – including Michael Ignatieff – believe is the right way to go, or else the media haven’t heard about the internal kerfuffle that’s taken place the last month or 2 on that proposal. Whatever the reason, they will be extremely surprised if the YLC helps to derail OMOV from passing, and I don’t doubt they’ll mark this down as an internal party defeat for Ignatieff, since he’s identified with supporting it (and since they need to find some angle to write about).

UPDATE @ 2:07 pm: I should note that Jeff has liveblogged out there that Michael was speaking to the YLC delegates and had a strong speech in favour of OMOV and asking them to help pass it. No mention from him about the YLC’s quota sub-amendment, as Jeff says, but the fact he made a point of pitching OMOV to the YLC membership wasn’t an accident; showing such strong support for it should help persuade some of the YLC delegates to vote for it even if their sub-amendment fails.

UPDATE [email protected] 2:33 pm: Steve V was listening to the speech to the YLC as well.


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