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Things that haven’t changed since the last Liberal leadership convention..

In 2006 in Montreal, my impression (when I was in my pre-Liberal days) of Liberals were this:

a) they liked to throw things called “hospitality suites” pre-Convention, and during the Convention. That involves stuffing as many people as legally possibly (or illegally possible, in some cases) in whatever hotel rooms you’re staying in.

b) The suite is only deemed a successful one or a good one if security not only comes up to tell you to pipe down, but shuts down the party .. er.. the hospitality suite altogether.

I’m not at this Convention being held in Vancouver (too far away and too much money – another reason I’m a big supporter of the weighted One Member One Vote passing, so more folks then just the rich or connected get to vote on a new leader), but I see from others on the scene who are both at them, and even hosting their own hospitality suites that things haven’t changed much.


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  • One of the most important parts of these conventions – beyond policy and voting for leaders, etc. – is the networking that we do. Liberals/Young Liberals from across the country come together. They make connections which teach them about this country, about the “real” politics across the land, and provide potential contacts/allies in future YLC elections, party elections, and general elections, as well as leadership campaigns.

    This social aspect of our party – and the synergy derived – are an important part of what helps build the party. Once we go to OMOV, these conventions will become much more about this…

    As you can see from our images from last night, we were quite busy “deriving synergy” on Wednesday in Vancouver… Lol…

    I’ll be reporting much more than just how the hospitality suites went… But I’m also going to be focusing on getting OMOV passed, endorsing John Lennard for YLC President, and showing people all the fun they’re missing out on – in the “best place on earth”…

    Cheers! Wish you were here!

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