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Rather blatant, don’t you think?

If this isn’t pork-barrel politics, I’m not sure what is:

Liberals today released documents showing that 94 per cent of the Harper government’s Enabling Accessibility Fund went to Conservative-held ridings…The documents show how nearly $34 million of the total $35.9 million that was dispersed from the $45-million fund went to Conservative ridings, most of which went out in the days leading up to last fall’s writ drop. The bulk of the money, $30 million, went to two projects – the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness project in the riding of Calgary Northeast, then held by Conservative MP Art Hanger, and the Abilities Centre in Durham Region in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s riding.

One would hope that the doling out of the recently passed stimulus package will have less to do with who holds the riding federally, then in this instance. I’m not getting my hopes up on that front, however.


3 comments to Rather blatant, don’t you think?

  • Marie

    That figures. Maybe the Liberals need to get on the media about this one. Be right there in their face front and center. Let Canadians know what this mafia government is really all about while they are being left out.Start slamming the Reforms about the lies they continue to tell the public every day about Ignatieff saying he will raise taxes. If they don’t straighten them out right away, some of the people are believing them and that can be bad for the liberals. Stand up to those lying SOB idiots and the media and in the HOC.

  • It is blatant. Why aren’t the other parties making hay of it?

  • That’s something the Bloc and NDP can get right behind!

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