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Top-down politics?

Warren Kinsella reminiscing about Alfred Apps today at his blogpost:

In 1982, for example, I remember standing behind a young firebrand from Toronto as he railed against the unelected power brokers in the party; this weekend, the same guy is making his debut as the acclaimed party president.

Unfortunately, it would appear Alfred has become what he once railed against. I’ll admit that Alf’s method is certainly a good way to indicate to people in a less then subtle manner to them that you don’t think you could work with them if they were elected to a position that involves reporting to you. No beating around the bush, and Fabrice Rivault appeared to have got the message clearly, as indicated in his press release.

I’m not sure how many past Liberal Party Presidents (and no, Alfred isn’t officially that yet, but he’s the President-acclaimed) have openly supported certain candidates against others in a candidate race for positions on the executive, but it does seem more unusual when it appears he hasn’t declared support for any other specific candidates in any of the other races.

To be clear, I didn’t have a dog in the fight over who should be the Francophone VP. I don’t know either candidate or former candidate that well, and perhaps the person that Alf is campaigning for will make a fine Francophone VP; Alf certainly seems to think so by declaring he was openly campaigning for her. I just am a tad uneasy that we’re getting this top-down stuff injected into this election, rather then letting the delegates at the Convention vote on the matter and make their choice who they think would make a good Francophone VP.

However, if someone wants to convince me this is perfectly acceptable and normal to do, or if they want to tell me that Fabrice Rivault’s press release is inaccurate in any sort of way, you’re welcome to give reasons here and/or explain to me why I shouldn’t be feeling uneasy.

UPDATE: I also should say I don’t have a bone to pick with Alfred. Heck. I remember him when I was a teenager running in my home riding of Oxford against Bruce Halliday. I’m just as I said uneasy about National presidents -incoming or current – deciding not to be neutral in races like this. To repeat, I’m willing to be convinced otherwise that I shouldn’t be uneasy.


2 comments to Top-down politics?

  • Liberalist

    Is Maryanne K still in the race or has she read the writing on the wall yet?
    A very disappointing day for the grassroots and Mr Fabrice.

  • DM

    The irony is that Mike Crawley dropped out of the race for party President when it became clear that Igs wanted Apps as President. And on it goes.

    Even in the worst days of the Martin reign, there were contested races for Party President.

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