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Tuesday trinkets

– Does it surprise me at all that the Conservatives are attempting to claim Abousfian Abdelrazik is an Al-Queada agent, 16 months after the RCMP and CSIS cleared him, and that they are doing so based on accusations extracted by torture from a Guanatanamo detainee who was waterboarded 83 times? Does it surprise me that they claim he’s a threat to national security while they let him stay at the Canadian Embassy? No, this appalling disgraceful behaviour on behalf of the Conservatives doesn’t surprise me. What will surprise me is if the Federal court doesn’t throw the government’s case out, particularly after Lawrence Cannon’s backtrack after backtrack on promising to help him get home gets documented.

– Does it surprise me that Pierre Poilievere again acted like a buffoon in Parliament? Another no. What WAS surprising is that Harper has a cabinet minister that knows how to respect QP in Parliament and how to consult with the opposition parties. That should indicate she isn’t going to be a Cabinet Minister for very long, knowing how Harper and the PMO expect their Cabinet Ministers to act.

– John Lennard, the Young Liberals of Canada presidential candidate who I interviewed yesterday, has been doing the blog interview rounds. Today, Jeff Jedras does a blog interview with him. I should mention that like Jeff, I let it be known yesterday afternoon that if Sam Lavoie, his YLC presidential contender, wanted to have an interview done, all he or his camp had to do was contact me, and I’d submit them some questions as well. Some would be the the same as I asked John, but a couple of them would be different, which Sam could specifically address. I’ve yet to get a response.

UPDATE @ 1:06 pm – Here’s something else that surprises me – Greg Weston of the Sun Media chain condemns the Conservatives for their reaction to the Federal Court decision ordering them to ask for Omar Khadr’s repatriation, calling it “sheer stupidity”:

..the Harper administration’s handling of the Khadr affair long ago became more a sop to the Conservative right wing than about doing the right thing..The Supreme Court of Canada has already concluded that “the regime providing for the detention and trial of Mr. Khadr … constituted a clear violation of fundamental human rights protected by international law.” The high courts in both Canada and the U.S. have proclaimed Khadr’s detention at Guantanamo is illegal under both U.S. and international law. Finally, in ruling after ruling, the courts have found that the Canadian government — specifically Foreign Affairs officials and CSIS agents — have been directly complicit in the mistreatment of Khadr. If there is anything left to appeal, it is surely for common sense and a speedy end to a national embarrassment.


2 comments to Tuesday trinkets

  • While I may not always agree with him, Greg Weston is definitely one of the good guys. Have a look.

  • The fact that the Cons would even think of making such a ridiculous argument proves that they’re going for political points here, not legal validity. It doesn’t matter who Abdelrazik is or what anyone said about him: the government can’t exile Canadians in the Sudan.

    The law allows for due process. Once he’s back here, he can be charged, if that’s what they want. And THEN they can try and bring up evidence from Abu Zubaydah. Right now, it’s just distraction material being used to score political points.

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