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Sunday snippets; more Omar Khadr editorials, and sending best wishes.

– The Toronto Star joins Sun Media (or at least one of its columnists on the editorial page) in calling for Harper to stop stonewalling on Omar Khadr and accede to the Federal Court order to request to the US his repatriation.

– That may not be surprising, but perhaps this is; the Ottawa Citizen, a member of the Canwest media group (which includes the National Post) also calls for Harper to stop being stubborn and to also bring Khadr home. Not sure if that’s an Ottawa Ctiizen specific editorial, or if we’ll see that across Canwest’s papers, but still, a welcome one.

– The Globe and Mail, by the way, also called for Khadr’s return in its Friday editorial. All major media outlets in the print media – or at least, sections of them – have called on the government to respect the Federal Court ruling and finally do the right thing. As Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said, Ottawa doesn’t get to pick and choose which Canadians overseas to defend. You have to defend them all. That’s what a passport means.

– While the Conservatives are at it, how about doing the right thing for Abousfian Abdelrazik as well?

– I was very sad to read this yesterday. Keep up the good fight as long as you’re able to, RC. While there is life, there is hope.


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