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Sunmedia columnist calls for the Canadian government to request Omar Khadr be sent home.

You know the Conservative government is getting forced into a corner when the most conservative and right-wing of the media in Canada have columnists on its editorial page today calling on the Conservatives to respect the Federal Court order and advocate for Khadr’s return to Canada, regardless of whether the government and other Canadians dislike Omar Khadr or his family. After recounting the serious charges against Khadr, and the historical dislike a lot of Canadians have against the Khadr family, the editorial urges nevertheless that “Harper should accede to this order without delay“:

Why should any of us lift a finger then, to help this young man, now 22? We may as well ask: Why do we ever give due process to people we don’t like? Why not make justice, and the treatment of prisoners of war, a popularity contest? Guantanamo Bay, where Khadr has been imprisoned and would have been tried, is being shut down. Khadr was 15, legally a child, at the time of his alleged crimes. More to the point, the very notion of crime here is in question…Did Canadians not at least try to treat German and Japanese prisoners of war with due process during the Second World War? Do Canadian soldiers today not treat Afghan insurgents, whom they capture on a regular basis, with due process? The answer is yes, they did. Yes, they do. Yes, they should. Bring Khadr home. Deal with him under Canadian law and according to Canadian norms. Be done with it

Combine this with the government officially backing off from Lawrence Cannon trying to link Omar Khadr to Karine Blais’s death, and you see a Conservative government in turmoil over this decision.

The gig is going to be soon up on their stonewalling. They should finally do the right thing and ask the US to allow them to repatriate him home. Heck, they can tell their probably further disgruntled Conservative base that it was those “wimpy liberal judges” that forced them to do this. If they have evidence to charge him in Canadian court, then do so. Just do the right thing (and also do the right thing in the Abousfian Abdelrazik case, and bring him home, before you embarrassingly lose your court case there as well, because he has a lot stronger case against the government violating his Charter rights then Khadr, in my opinion).

UPDATE: More at POGGE on Cannon’s attempt to link Khadr to Blais – which is an obvious desperate attempt to foment Canadian public opinion against Khadr and this court decision (federal court judges thankfully don’t get swayed by public opinion – they do their judgments on due process and the rule of law – something this government has been woefully short on. As mentioned above however, government spokespersons tried to walk back Cannon’s remarks, so even they knew he had gone off on a tangent they didn’t want to pursue, or the media to pursue).


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