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A good question

In light of another article on CanWest’s time running out for the sinking media company to pay its creditors, I saw a good question asked by Rob Maguire at Facebook: Does anyone see the downside to letting Canwest fail?

The obvious one, as Rob says over there, would be job losses. Anything else?


18 comments to A good question

  • Kim Blair

    MoS must be one of those moonbats that reside in the “rality-based community”.

    Only an extreme moonbat would claim that Canwest – whose president and CEO is Leonard Asper of the Liberal Party – rightwing. Next MoS will be telling us that Mein Kampf (from the German National Socialist Workers’ Party) is “rightwing”. Or that extremists like Jack Layton and Elizabeth May are centrists. Go back to the CBC forums where you will fit in with the other fools.

    And only an ultra-leftist would deny that President Teleprompter is not a racist after he sat in a racist church for 20 years, including getting married there, and having his children baptized there.

  • MoS

    Sorry I should have seen this coming. Kim Blair must be a consortium of nutjobs because no one person can be that delusional. The National Toast is centrist? What would Kimmie then consider right? Mein Kampf? As for the vile, racist slur that Obama can’t put together a coherent sentence without his teleprompter, Kim – empty your brain bowels and go back and review the presidential debates. You can stand there and rant but like all nutjobs you wind up making yourself a total fool.

  • Kim Blair

    Unbelievable that MoS would call the NP “far right”. Must be a CBC or a MSDNC fan–thus divorced from reality.

  • Kim Blair

    Only a leftwing extremist, i.e., a progressive would call Canwest rightwing. Just look at the leftwing rantings of the Star-Phoenix newspaper and the attempts by Canwest to discredit the Tea Party protests against out of control spending in the US.

    As for the National Post, it seems to be centrist; some rightwing views but they were also embarrassing in their fawning over Barack Obama – considering this neophyte can barely string together a coherent sentence without his teleprompter.

    Not surprised to find out that a place where Ti-Guy posts disagrees.

  • MoS

    Who is Kim Blair and just what has Kim Blair been drinking? The National Toast is the house organ of the far-right and, as a Globe columnist once put it, is so far right that it ought to be delivered in a holster. How do these uber-rightists become so painfully divorced from reality? How does someone this delusional find their way home at night?

    • @MoS, Well if her IP address is correct, she’s checking in from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. That ought to give you a hint. I’d be not surprised at all if she was a Small Dead Animals loyalist and one of Kate’s clones.

  • Kim Blair

    If you are a leftist, the down side would be that it would be difficult for leftists to win another election if one of their propaganda outfits goes out of business.

  • Despite the hurt it will cause, newspapers are going to fail in their current form anyway, no need to toss “good” money after bad investments.

  • Marie

    Well! why should they be bailed out to save their jobs when this governmant has done next to nothing for all Canadians. How many now? Over 30,000 jobs. As for saving the media, forget it. They have helped Stevies cause to not recognize Canada.Gone are the days of the media looking out for all Canadians but these days, they are only looking out for themselves. Maybe they need to start investigating what they think is reporting instead of writing nothing but opinions. Stick up for their readers instead of sucking up to this lame government.

  • Well hopefully i won’t be out of a job, but someone else will sign my pay check. While NaPo would get its just rewards (and has been an anchor around the company’s neck for a handful of years) what you’d likely see is more significant cuts at the Globe and rival papers/stations. As bad as NaPo has been, you’ve got to give it props for inspiring the G&M to do a better, more rounded job of covering the nation. But it looks like the Asspers are only keeping NaPo afloat because it’s their prime tool to assist the federal government, which is covertly promising to keep the trough full.

  • MoS

    Much as I dislike the National Toast, I’m troubled to see any newspaper fail. If the papers were failing because of extremist editorial content, that’d be fine. In reality, however, they’re failing because of a general decline in advertising revenue – particularly classified ads, their historic lifeblood. Craigslist is doing them in and, given that Craigslist doesn’t provide any journalistic or editorial service, it’s creating a net loss overall.

    We need newspapers, lot of them. Having been a television reporter I’ve always been troubled by the serious deficiencies in that medium – news as entertainment, etc. Editorially and journalistically the electronic media don’t deliver anything approaching an adequate source of insightful information to societies that wind up paying a real price for that. Look at how the American people were duped into supporting the war on Iraq largely because of a broadcast media plainly collaborating with a dishonest government.

  • Sorry, I misread. Of course Global doesn’t make much of its own TV anymore either (Da Kink and Harper’s Island?) and I don’t even watch their news, so the answer would still be… no.

  • Ti-Guy

    Anything else?

    The Globe and MacLceans will probably become wingnuttier as a result.

    I don’t care about teevee. It’s *all* bad with respect to news media and the confusion between informing, educating and entertaining.

  • Excellent question. Lessee… Flashpoint could continue as an independent production aired through the U.S… Corner Gas is over… Canadian Idol is on hiatus and no one noticed… all the rest of their prime time programming is made in the U.S.A…

    I’ve got it: Lloyd. I’d miss Lloyd.

  • I won’t have something to wash windows with using warm vinegar water.

  • SteveV

    More puppies will pee on the floor?

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