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Conservative public relations stunt on killing long gun registry revealed.

Gee, what a big surprise; the move to introduce a bill in the Senate to kill the long gun registry a month ago is now more or less conceded to have been nothing more then an attempt to throw red meat to the Conservatives discontented base of voters. I really love the title of the article over at CTV: Tory plan to kill gun registry appears to be lost cause:

Despite introducing an unusual Senate bill to great fanfare earlier this month, an official in the office of government Senate Leader Marjorie LeBreton says there’s no timetable for a vote on Bill S-5 in the Liberal-dominated upper chamber. And Liberals say the whole point of the exercise was political posturing rather than serious legislative change… “The Liberals are opposed to it, so it’s unlikely to move very much right now,” Eli Schuster, LeBreton’s communications adviser, said Monday when asked about the status of S-5. Asked why the government would introduce a bill it had no intention of pushing to a vote, Schuster abruptly ended the conversation.

The one thing I disagree with is the title of this article. It not only appears to be a lost cause; It WAS a lost cause when the Conservatives took the measure of introducing this bill into the Senate in the first place. I said as much when this bill was first introduced, because the claim that the House of Commons couldn’t take up the bill because it was too busy with other measures was laughable. This was nothing more then an attempt to try and appease/fool their base voters into thinking they were REALLY trying hard to get rid of the gun registry, but those dastardly Liberals in the unelected Senate were thwarting them.

Liberal MP Mark Holland hits the nail on the head with his quote:

“I think the Conservatives are bound and determined to at least appear to be trying to get rid of the registry,” said Liberal MP Mark Holland, the party’s public-safety critic. “They’ve got a problem with their base and they’re trying to rev them up, trying to pretend they’re killing the registry without really making a concerted effort to kill it.”

I would think even the loyal Conservative base can see through this cynical ploy.


3 comments to Conservative public relations stunt on killing long gun registry revealed.

  • joeaverage

    It figures that nothing would come of this.

    The gun registry was an insult and a farce to begin with, slapped together to keep yuppies and soccer moms believing that their elected representatives could or would keep them safe. Guns do not commit crimes,they are a tool abused by the parasites and wannabe gangsters who commit crimes. It absolutely blows me away, pun intended, that we as a country continue to prop up a government that will not get tough on real criminals. Any responsible gun owner understands that storage and security are absolutely intimate with gun ownership, and proper observance of storage practices trumps a registry. Any criminal that commits a gun related crime is unlikely to be the legitimate owner of the gun, and is already likely to be in the system for any number of offenses. Let us not forget that steak knives, baseball bats, tire irons, chains, broken timber and feet and fists are not required to be registered, yet account for more assaults and injuries than guns.

    Kill the registry and stop taking up time and money ensuring that responsible gun owners are still following safe practices.

  • kwittet

    been a while since I posted anything becuase i have found a job and been working. Truck driving is long hours and not much time left for family life. One thing the libs should know at least in the province is how UNPOPULAR this bullshit 105 speedlimit is on the trucks. Funny how they talk about safer roads but you cant get of the data they used to pass the law through access to information act? I am driving along doing my 105 and someone is getting onto the highway so I have to cut someone off or slowdown to let them on. oooops. I digressed.

    I had alot of reading to do to catch up here but if my estimates are correct Harper may…MAY catch up to Chretien in scandals yet. He needs to try harder. Hes is running out of time.

  • Tim N

    I wouldn’t underestimate the gullibility of the Conservative base.

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