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Now THIS is an extreme teabagger…

A photo of one of the right-wing protestors out at the Tea-bag parties.  Now this is dedication to your cause. (I don’t see any Red Tea on her head though, as I suggested they use).


4 comments to Now THIS is an extreme teabagger…

  • uber liberal

    “They could have donated tea bag to the poor as a gesture.”

    That’s a great idea. Tea can actually be quite filling. I know because when I was broke I ate the tea out of the bags once. It works!

  • slg

    Interesting – at a time when people are out of work, worried and can’t buy groceries – tea bags are wasted. They could have donated tea bag to the poor as a gesture. Na, not the right wing people – too selfish.

  • Violent left wing protest? Funny I remember quite a few peace protests and protests against Bush that were very peaceful, even jovial.

    I’d prefer the lefty. At least they aren’t plotting to fertilizer bomb federal buildings and actually know what “teabagging” is. They aren’t likely to be taken in by carpet bagging Republican who were the problem in the first place. You do remember 8 years of Bush deficits and debt, right?

  • Philanthropist

    Violent left-wing protests may be the norm, but rational people would prefer having the Tea Party protesters as their neighbours.

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