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The Conservatives are thinking about playing partisan politics with the recession.

Is anyone surprised the Harper Conservatives are considering  trying to “save” the private media companies in Canada by increasing their buys of government propaganda advertising? No one should be, but it’s no less revolting:

The government has talked about shelling out between $150-million and $75-million this year and $75-million next year in an effort to get money into the hands of the broadcasters quickly. However, some MPs are concerned that funnelling money directly to the broadcasters would not do much to prevent cuts. At least the government could benefit from the ads.

So, that strategy would be summed up as trying to save the private media companies by playing Conservative infomercials on them.   Beyond the blatantly partisan nature of this potential strategy (note that again, nothing on whether the CBC would get these private ads, which would be rather odd, because if the CBC is as “biased” against the Conservatives as they seem to think, that’s the one broadcaster you’d surely want to put government propaganda on), how exactly does this help the media business in the long term?

That last question of course, doesn’t matter to this Conservative government or this leader in Harper,  because they are focused on doing things to help keep them in government, not for the overall long-term viability of this industry.


2 comments to The Conservatives are thinking about playing partisan politics with the recession.

  • Marie

    The Harper government is again up to its old tricks. It is high time that the opposition parties set this straight with all Canadians and the media. How anyone can believe these cult like liars is beyond me and the nerve of Canwest asking for any bailout money. Its time we as active Canadians bombard this company and the PM office with letters letting them no that partisan promotion by the Media in this recession and this cult like party is not ecceptable any more.

  • concernedcanadian

    Do you remember seeing the huge web ad buy by the Conservative Government to advertise their shrine to Stephen harper, I mean their “Action Plan” website? I wonder how much that cost taxpayers to subsidize Canwest web properties and macleans. Didn’t see any of those ads on

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