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Struggling Generation Y’ers written about (sorta); a cousin gets a cameo appearance.

This magazine cover  for the May 2009 edition of Toronto Life caught my eye; a cousin of mine, Matt Danko,  is featured on the cover of it. I’ve kindly pointed him out here, courtesy of my nice editing graphical job (cough) inserting an arrow.


Matt will be a tad horrified at what I call “graphical editing”; he’s an illustrator/designer by trade and probably thinks I’ve butchered the meaning of that phrase.  🙂

Anyhow, the cover story that the picture of himself and others are based on is ostensibly about how Generation Y’ers like these folks are optimistic despite the economic recession we are in right now, and despite the fact they are all struggling to find work.

Unfortunately for Matt,  they didn’t actually speak to him in the piece; I asked him about that, and he said he wasn’t available for when they wanted to talk to him, and had gone to print when he was available, with his inference being they had plenty of time to talk to him.  That was a tad disappointing, as I would have liked to have read his thoughts on the matter (he’s rather opinionated, like me, maybe even with stronger opinions – opinionated folks must run in this line of the family 😉 )

There is another thing about this piece that bugs me a bit;  it seems a bit odd that you’re writing an article  on all these “struggling” Generation Y folks without including any contact information for them in the piece for others who might be interested in their talents to get in touch with them to help them out, and give them an even better reason to be optimistic.

I’d have thought it would have been a no-brainer to  assist those folks you’ve photographed and featured in the article by  including their contact information, but that seems to have been overlooked or neglected in the piece.

Anyhow, *I* will give some publicity to my cousin. As I said, Matt’s an Illustrator/ Designer, and he  specializes in medical, technical and scientific illustration. Check out some of his websites here.  His contact information can also be found at either site.


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