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Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

As you may know, some of the private media companies in Canada are asking for money to help their companies during these tough economic times, and the Conservatives are considering a 150 million $ fund to help them, even as they turned away the CBC’s request for additional funds.

It should be no surprise that the private media are asking that this fund be excluded from the CBC. It will be no surprise if the Conservatives agree to that; it’s rather blatantly obvious the bias the Conservative government has against the CBC. What raises my ire today is that a couple of these private media companies, while pleading poor to the government and asking for public taxpayer money to help their supposedly ailing companies, still have enough money to be going around and trying to buy sports teams.  Check out CanPolitico:

Harper has met with Canwest’s CEO Leonard Asper and Quebecor’s Pierre Karl Peladeau in the last few months according to CP. In the case of the meeting with the latter, one has to wonder if they discussed the venerable Montreal Canadiens hockey club. Especially given that today, Quebecor has expressed an interest in acquiring the storied franchise. Others might wonder why Peladeau would be seeking government stimulus at the same time that he is contemplating a bid of $400-500 million for Les Habitants. The same thought process that should enter minds with respect to Asper, as he invests $100 million in acquiring the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

I find it hard to believe that taxpayers would approve giving their tax dollars to private media corporations supposedly in trouble, while they’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars on acquiring sports franchises. Meanwhile, the public broadcaster CBC is left hung out to dry on getting more funds for itself,  and may be hung out to dry by being excluded from this fund (meant to help with local programming, something the CBC has been pretty good at, and part of its mandate)   probably on purpose; and both private media and the Conservative government happy to see it, no doubt.

Hypocrisy and bias at its worst.

UPDATE @ 12: 26 pm: It’s just occurred to me that if this scenario were to occur – the Conservatives agree to the fund using public taxpayer money for private broadcasters to dip into;  while a couple of the private media that were complaining about needing money for hard times go out and buy sports teams – isn’t that many times worse then say, the US government giving out a big whopping sum of stimulus help to banks and brokerage companies like AIG, only to find out later some of that money was used for lavish spending bonuses?

That sparked outrage down there, which involved millions of dollars of bonuses being deducted from a quarter billion dollars of bailout money. Up here, we have media companies potentially buying sports teams with figures potentially equal to or greater then the the proposed bailout fund the government may give them. Proportianally, I’d argue that would be a lot worse abuse of wasting taxpayer’s money.


6 comments to Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

  • Phillip Huggan

    21 of the 22 major Canadian newspapers endorsed the Conservatives and their human extinction unleashing environment platform. L.Asper commented a few months ago in the face of impending bankruptcy, doubling Canwest debt from $2B to $4B was still the right move to make, while he complained about being saddled with so much debt upon taking over the country. One thing public and private Neocons have in common is racking up debt.
    Hey PM, if you were PM last year, now, this year, and if you won in 2005, and if you weren’t trying to bring about the Book of Revelations, would you have left something for the children?
    The Queen won’t halt global warming. The media won’t. Parliament won’t. Liberals won’t. Our rich and powerful are Nazis. Why shouldn’t children turn to terrorism? If AB insists on the right to exterminate humanity, why not revolution? The are only 500 JTF2 soldiers and most are probably out of the North American theatre. Too bad methods used to attack oil sands can be used to attack other infrastructures, but oh well.

    When the Nazi envrionmental attack ads come up I’ll have my own attack info to retaliate. I’m inspired by my PM to race for human extinction.

  • Asper and Peladeau don’t have respective sports entertainment divisions yet. I’m not familiar with the latter deal but Asper’s sweetheart deal does feel like a ponzi scheme. He puts in much less than 50% towards the construction costs of a new stadium and gets a franchise team in return as well as all money made from stadium operations. And it all hinges on his getting a decent price for the property where the old stadium sits so that he can develop another retail centre. He’s making out like a bandit on this deal.

  • foottothefire

    Asper is running a fucking ponzi scheme. Your correspondent immediately above thinks it’s okay to bail ponzi operators with taxpayers dollars. If that is the case why not also bail the Hells Angels? At least they’re diversified.

  • The Right Leaning Towards Mr. Ignatieff

    I’m sorry but you’re comparing apples and oranges. These media corporations have many divisions. Just because their tv networks are losing money it doesn’t mean that the corporations has a whole are in trouble.

    This is just misinformation that you are putting out. Didn’t Bombardier get money from liberal governments to help build certain planes while the corporation was making profits?

    What do you want these corporations to do? Start laying off people close down certain stations?

    Your comparison with the CBC is ridiculous. We already give them over a billion dollars a year. How much do you want us to put in? 10 billion?

  • But but but…Sponsorship scandal!

    Liberals are….

    But but but….

    Just a pre-emptive strike so the whiners and moaners don’t have to post the completely expected and totally irrelevant response.


    • Marie

      s Canadians, we should be proud to have them and ashamed and continue to keep harping the same old tune to get support them.

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