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A finanical reason for the Cons. wanting to scrap the long-gun registry.

If you’re wondering why the Conservatives decided to put out another attempt to kill the long-gun registry, like some others, I think a very good reason the Conservative government did so is perhaps they’re afraid their gun lover constituency will stop donating to them:

Conservative Motivation (Fear?) on trying to kill gun registry.

That was found off of a right-wing gun supporter’s site, if you’re wondering. But, it appears that a few of these groups recognize pandering for what it is.. because they don’t buy this government’s legislation as going far enough (and if they thought about it hard enough, it’s a rather half-hearted effort by the Conservative government by introducing it into the Senate first), and want the private member’s Bill C-301 passed instead.

This appears almost to be an effort by the Conservative government to say to the gun lobby, “Well, we tried, but those bleeding hearts Liberals in the unelected Senate foiled us again”.


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