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Monday, Monday…

– Dan over at CalgaryGrit and Woman at Mile 0 are two more Liberal bloggers coming out in favour of Weighted One Member One Vote, and simultaneously against the Young Liberals of Canada amendment to keep a quota for youth delegates in that formula. Dan in particular goes into extensive detail why, and includes what type of a “WOMOV” setup (as he’s decided to call it) he’d like to see that might generate some of the Convention excitement. If there are blog readers out there thinking they detect a lack of support out there for this YLC amendment amongst the Liberal blogosphere, they’d be correct in their perception. It’s gone over like a lead balloon amongst the Liberal netroots so far.

– It’s nice to see some newspaper columns detailing Conservative woes and infighting, after about 2 years of constant media harping on the Liberals about this (also interesting to see the sudden leaking of internal Conservative bickering to the media as well. When Harper was away, the mice decided to play, I guess).

-Related to that point, I don’t doubt, comes news from another “source” whispering that Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff are imminent this summer. The 2nd such “leak” from Conservative sources that this was coming. 2 thoughts on that: 1) We’ve already seen this movie once, and I think this time the Liberals will counter it quickly, and 2) I have my doubts that as this recession continues on and more bad economic news piles up, that Canadians are really going to be receptive to this type of non-election partisan mudslinging the Conservatives threaten to do.

UPDATE: Relevant to my 1st point, I’ve seen some commentators on blog messages – anonymous or otherwise, and I don’t doubt supporters of the youth quota and of one particular leadership candidate – inferring or accusing a certain other YLC leadership candidate of “putting Liberal bloggers up to this” attack on the YLC’s OMOV amendment motion. That’s patently nonsense and false; as far as I know, no one from any of the YLC race has contacted any of the Liberal blogosphere asking them to take an end-run at the YLC OMOV amendment motion on quotas. This is, from what I can tell, a simultaneous case of Liberal bloggers looking at that motion and thinking “no way”. Once one posted on the topic expressing their dislike, others joined in. I’m presuming some of this is coming from the fact several of us have posted that we like a certain candidate’s notion of actually growing the YLC’s influence the natural way, which is by recruiting youth members, and getting your influence the old fashioned way – by earning it – rather then depending on an artificial quota to do so.

That does NOT indicate that candidate has organized a Liberal blogosphere campaign to discredit the YLC’s motion. It needs no help to be discredited – because it does that entirely on its own. If you see persons saying otherwise, that’s nothing but an attempt at a smear campaign.


4 comments to Monday, Monday…

  • kwittet

    This is totally non related but i had to put it somewhere.


    go through the pictures and you will see a little blonde girl in front of a WW2 airplane. Scott..that is my little girl and your 3rd cousin!

  • Just one quibble: I object to the characterization of delegates as those ‘wealthy’ enough to attend. I’m a part time video store clerk. I think our combined family income was somewhere south of $60,000 last year, and that $2,000+ represents a goodly chunk of my savings. I’m pretty sure most of the other blogger delegates aren’t made of money either.

    Having never attended a convention before I can’t say for sure, but I would suspect that there are two types of delegates: those who are rich enough that the expense is no big deal, and those who are crazy / devoted / passionate enough that they just HAVE to go whether they can afford it or not.

  • So in this case, I’d say its certainly possible that bloggers aren’t in touch with the views of the average Liberal member.

    Actually Justin, it would be more accurate to say bloggers (may not be) in touch with the views of the average Liberal convention delegate.

    The question then becomes just how reflective is the average group of people that attend a convention as voting delegates (ie. those that can afford to drop $2000+ to go, and a good chunk of them automatic ex-officios) of the wider Liberal membership pool? I’d argue not very, which is one of the primary arguments in favour of dropping a delegated system for a OMOV, or WOMOV, system that treated all members equally, whether they’re wealthy or a riding president or an MP or not.

    So, the question Justin should be this: Which is more reflective of the Liberal grassroots: the netroots, or the delegates/ex-officios that attend conventions? While neither would be an exact match, I know which I’d say is likely a more accurate reflection of wider party opinion.

  • Justin T

    Not to totally discount the opinion of some bloggers, but lets remember that this EXACT same amendment passed in 2006 with over 50% of the vote. So in this case, I’d say its certainly possible that bloggers aren’t in touch with the views of the average Liberal member.

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