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Big news! Original scientific models are wrong on climate change affecting Arctic ice!

That’s great news if you’re a global-warming/climate change skeptic right? This proves that all that “consensus” on climate change being a big threat is all scientific hocus-pocus, right?

Not exactly. You see, the original models are indeed wrong – but they’re wrong because they’ve apparently underestimated how quickly Arctic Ice will melt and disappear:

Study: Arctic sea ice melting faster than expected

Arctic sea ice is melting so fast most of it could be gone in 30 years. A new analysis of changing conditions in the region, using complex computer models of weather and climate, says conditions that had been forecast by the end of the century could occur much sooner..”Due to the recent loss of sea ice, the 2005-2008 autumn central Arctic surface air temperatures were greater than 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) above” what would be expected, the new study reports. That amount of temperature increase had been expected by the year 2070. The Center said Arctic sea ice reached its winter maximum for this year at 5.8 million square miles on Feb. 28. That was 278,000 square miles below the 1979-2000 average making it the fifth lowest on record. The six lowest maximums since 1979 have all occurred in the last six years.

Not that this will dissuade the Flat-Earthers out there; I’m sure you’ll hear some argument about how this is all naturally occurring and that human activities has nothing to do with the disappearing ice. Don’t expect to see any scientific models backing those claims however (though I’m sure they can find some “study” by some group that happens to be funded big money by the Big Oil lobby).


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