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The Speaker gets a stomach Kramp…

..And tells Kramp to take some Pepto, or else find somewhere else to pull his childish stunts:

The Speaker of the House of Commons is threatening to suspend a Conservative MP if he continues launching personal attacks against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Daryl Kramp received the warning Tuesday after using member statements in the Commons to accuse Ignatieff of hypocrisy. Milliken ruled that the (Members) statements should not be used for partisan broadsides, noting that the format does not give opponents an opportunity to respond, unlike question period or debates in the Commons. A number of Tory MPs, including Kramp, ignored Milliken’s ruling so he began cutting off them off mid-statement. To avoid that, Tory MPs have come up with a new ploy. They’ve taken to issuing scathing assessments of an unidentified politician, whom they identify as Ignatieff only at the very end of their statements – when it’s too late for Milliken to cut them off. Milliken signalled Tuesday that he’s had enough of that tactic too. He told Kramp, a rural Ontario MP, he “may find himself suspended” from the Commons if he continues to ignore the Speaker’s ruling.

If you read the article, you’ll see it isnt just Kramp pulling off this childish school class stunt – other Conservative MP’s are doing it too, with the apparent blessing of Harper and his PMO, judging from the petulant statement of support (and the cheapshot again at Ignatieff having studied at Harvard, as if that’s some crime) by Kory Teynecke, Harper’s communications officer. Harper’s classless bunch has done more to lower discourse and dialogue in the House in 3 years then probably the prior 140+ years the Parliament has been in session. And I don’t doubt they don’t care one whit about it.

I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but this would be a good time to again remind people what else Kramp and other Conservative MP’s have been doing with their Members Statements:


8 comments to The Speaker gets a stomach Kramp…

  • big winnie

    I look forward to the day when the Speaker starts to suspend MPs who violate the rules. I also think that the Speaker, at the first sign of a breach, will cut them off but I am surprised it’s taken him this long to start enforcing.

  • Scott, Here’s Don’t Tase Me Bro’s blog:

    Also, your site is starting to load really slowly again. It was fine for a long time but no longer. Don’t know what you’ve added/changed but hope you can fix it.

    • @penlan, I’ve tried a different reply system in the comments here. It appears my plugin that had set up the “Quote” and “Reply” to various comments was the culprit.. so see if this new one speeds things up a tad. (And this new comment plugin actually threads replies to the original comment, so I think I actually like this one a bit better anyhow – style wise anyhow. I’d like it to have quote author capacity, which so far it doesnt appear to have, but I can live without that for now).

  • It shows you how sneaky & underhanded all of these Harper goons are. They will find any way they can to get around the rules. Imagine what they are doing in secret to changing things in this country of which we have no clue – yet.

  • Don't Tase Me, Bro!

    I quite agree, and indeed in my own blog Del Mastro and Kramp are two whom I cite as having abused the privilege of Members Statements. They are strictly for MPs to say something about an issue or a constituent, not for personal attacks which cannot be responded by the offended party. These people know this full well, so that’s why they use it in such a manner.

    Good for Milliken to finally see it for what it is.

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