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Gritgirl strikes again: “Different Tory, same old story”

A well-timed new video release from Gritgirl with Brian Mulroney back in the news:

This video is well done showing the similarities of Harper vs Mulroney vis-a-vis the economy and how they’ve handled the recessions in each of their time frame as Prime Minister (or mishandled it/dismissed it, as it were). The only quibble I’d have with her description of this video is that I don’t consider the modern day incarnation of the current Conservative Party to be at all compatible with the nickname “Tory” to describe any of Harper and his bunch. That nickname died when MacKay sold out the Progressive Conservatives to the Alliance.


2 comments to Gritgirl strikes again: “Different Tory, same old story”

  • Roll Tide

    This video is such a croc.
    What did Mulroney do for the Canadian economy?
    Something Trudeau tried and failed. Getting rid of the manufacturing sales tax. A tax that killed exports.
    What did he replace it with. The GST. Did he hide the GST, like they do in VAT Europe? NO. He made sure everyone saw it every day. That way polititions would thing twice before raising it.
    What did Mulroney do for the Canadian economy?
    He brought in NAFTA.
    Was it politically popular? No.
    What was the Liberal response to these two major structual changes? They RAN against both, and promised to abolish both. Got elected to get rid of both.
    What did they do instead? They kept both!
    Why?. Because those two structural changes brought Canada out of its recession, it took time, cost the Conservatives politically, while the Liberals reaped the rewards. Fair?. No. Politics is never fair. So be it.
    Lincoln said, A Statesman thinks of the next generation, a Politician thinks of the next election. Mulroney thought of the next generation.

  • Anonymous

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