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Scott’s Diatribes officially endorses Randy Hillier to be leader of the next Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

With his announcement this AM that he is running for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, I’ve decided to issue my hearty endorsement of Randy winning the leadership race.

I do so because with his second-to-none past “activist background”, and the fact all the right wing conservative activists will probably endorse him (and not just any normal bunch of right-wingers, but the really extreme wingnuts), his winning the leadership ensures not only do the Progressive Conservatives come nowhere close to winning the government back in Ontario, they might even turn off enough moderate (or “normal”) people that the NDP might get official opposition, and send them even further into the Ontario political wilderness.

Even if he doesn’t win, it should be entertaining watching all the other candidates (none of whom are from the so-called progressive or moderate wing of the party -at least not yet) trying to out-conservative Hillier. In a leadership contest between the right-wing of the Progressive Conservative party and the extreme rightwing, I’m sure it will be a contest to see who can utter the name “Mike Harris” more (that ought to win Ontario mainstream voters over – proclaiming how much you loved Mike Harris and his policies more then the other candidates).

So, come on Randy! (I’ll even put a banner up at the sidebar showing my “support” for Mr. Hillier if his campaign or his supporters have them).

UPDATE @ 12:58 pm: The Randy Revolution has a website up! Here’s a screenshot to get a taste if you can’t stomach going to his site:

The Randy Revolution!

The Randy Revolution!

Very spiffy and very open about his platform – I’ll give Randy credit and props for that, even if I think he’s out to lunch. (An elected Ontario Senate? Yikes).

UPDATE 2 @ 3:14 pm: Per Jennifer Smith in comments, it appears The Randy Revolution is on hold. Here’s what we see as of right now:


UPDATE 3 @ 5:08 pm: Randy’s Revolution is back! (Or at least, the website is).


17 comments to Scott’s Diatribes officially endorses Randy Hillier to be leader of the next Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

  • Don't Tase Me, Bro!

    I’m sorry, but on Hillier’s website it looks as though he’s copying Obama’s font and background, albeit with slightly different shades of blue.

  • Roll Tide

    I support Frank Klees.

  • DN

    I dunno. I watched Mike Harris go from next-to-nothing to the Premier’s office. Hillier scares me even more.

  • Oh and Scott, you can get a graphic from Randy Hillier’s politician page on Facebook.

  • @Scott Tribe – I’m sitting this one out. The fact that Randy Hillier is even considered a contender is ridiculous. More ridiculous is the fact that he’ll likely be a kingmaker.

    It’s a sad day too, that the PC’s could make me warm up to Dalton McGuinty.

  • @Jennifer Smith – So I see. I’ve done a 2nd update with another cool screenshot.

  • Hear hear. How do I become a delegate? Where do I send money? Where are the hot Randy tube tops I can give to my hot friends?

  • I actually dared to hit the link, and… sooooo broken.

  • Originally Posted By Jim (Progressive Right)
    This is going to be a nightmare.

    You say that as if it were a bad thing :). Surely you still don’t support the Ontario PC’s, even as you’ve become a Federal Liberal supporter?

    (By the way, per my update.. I have to admit Randy has a good website designer).

  • kwittet

    Originally Posted By Mark FrancisAs for McGuinty’s tax harmonization plan, I see that Flaherty — a former Ontario finance minister — is on record not only completely supporting it, but was lobbying Ontario to do it.

    I dont care who suppoorted it. i have said time and time again that who ever raises my taxes is a DAM LOSER>
    Dr Jack Kervorkian gift certificates for every politician in Canada.

    Originally Posted By Mark FrancisWhatever McGuinty’s failures

    Mcsquintys failures have left my pocketbook alot thinner. thats all i care about.

  • @kwittet – Hey, if you think Randy would make a great leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, go become a delegate and vote for him! 🙂

    Personally, I’m ok with Dalton, though he’s much too cautious and conservative and drab for me.. and I’m not a life and death supporter of the Ontario Liberals – I don’t even hold an Ontario Liberal membership – but Dalton and his Liberals are miles better then Harris. I don’t care whether he was honest about his intentions or not – his ideology that he was being honest about nearly wrecked this province.

  • big winnie

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he gets the nod

  • Whatever McGuinty’s failures (I’m not a supporter), Harris and crew were a pile of lying incompetents favouring ideology over reality and left us with fiscal, social and environmental debts despite governing in good times. More of that from those jokers will just produce, down the road, more McGuinty-like response.

    As for McGuinty’s tax harmonization plan, I see that Flaherty — a former Ontario finance minister — is on record not only completely supporting it, but was lobbying Ontario to do it.

  • kwittet

    Mike Harris might have done some damage as far as some programs went but he was honest..IMHO. He told the populace what he was going to do and he did it. Dalton on the other hand said. I will not raise taxes. Its no wonder he rides in a stretch limo…so his nose can fit inside!!

  • kwittet

    And Dalton isnt a nightmare? The man has raped my paychecks for more than enough years and now he does it again. And yet after all these years he and other libs still try to blame Mike Harris. You guys need a new punching bag. I would like to think that after almost two full terms that Dalton could have turned things around but I guess not. I did vote for him the first time (Scott..are you shocked?) The man seems focused on laying the blame everywhere else but if he was a true leader he has had some of the best economic times to get this right yet all he can do is tax tax tax. 156 new taxes and the biggest tax grabs in the history of Ontario. And you think he is great?

  • Just to follow up, it’s not so much that he’ll win but that Randy has a huge following.

    If Tim is to win, he’ll have to give something to take on this support.

    Again, a nightmare.

  • This is going to be a nightmare.

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