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The beginning of the end?

You might remember a couple of days ago I was hoping the “worst MP in Canada” – that being Conservative Calgary-West MP Rob Anders, as described by Don Martin – would have his slate of candidates for the ridings Board of Directors go down to defeat. This would be the first step in the Conservative members of Calgary-West dumping him for another candidate – Donna Kennedy-Glans, who brought forth a rival slate of candidates to contest the Calgary-West Board of Directors elections.

Well, there is BIG news tonight from Enlightened Savage, who’s been monitoring the Calgary-West Board of Directors elections:

UPDATED 7:02 pm
The Donna Kennedy-Glans-backed slate of candidates has been elected as the Board of Directors for the Calgary West EDA of the Conservative Party of Canada. More as it develops.


5 comments to The beginning of the end?

  • Niles

    Righter Albertans are only Texas-north chivalrous when it suits them. They’re just as likely to condemn her as being the uppity woman front-pawn for seditious Liberal forces and Anders is rightly having none of her cooties.

    After all, the nomination meeting is the *real* election in Alberta. Everyone in the province knows it. That stuff at the public polls is just fer funnin’ with the socialists.

  • Torontonian

    ” . . . Kennedy-Glans approached the MP and offered him a handshake – he blew her off and refused to shake. Classy.”

    A similar thing happened to Anne Richards when she was running for Texas Governor.
    After a debate, Hootie Williams refused to shake her hand.

    In Texas, it’s a very serious offence to be rude to a woman. To not shake her
    hand was a serious, unforgivable and indefensible faux pas.

    Hootie Williams lost.

    Perhaps this will bode well for Donna Kennedy-Glans.

  • That is already in the works… the proxy fight…

  • Anonymous

    Harper is more frightened of a proxy fight by Preston Manning than by Kennedy-Glans.

  • “1:18 pm – Both “candidates” (MP Rob Anders and Donna Kennedy-Glans) are at the hall. Kennedy-Glans approached the MP and offered him a handshake – he blew her off and refused to shake. Classy.”

    The very cheesy Mr. Anders would NOT even shake hands with his opponent before the voting started. He is a pathetic little, little man. Harper’s ongoing loyalty to this pathetic classless twerp says more about Harper than it does about Anders.

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