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Reflections on Gritgirl’s newest video on Harper vs the CBC.

Gritgirl released her newest video late yesterday evening. First off, here it is:

My own thoughts are there are probably a lot of Conservatives out there (sadly) that would love to see the CBC go dark. In fact, if you read through some of the Blogging Tory sites, you’ll find no lack of glee that the CBC’s funds are not being given a boost and that layoffs and cuts to programs are resulting, and some more or less declaring they want the CBC killed off.

I’m betting though, that the general population of Canada would find that unacceptable. So, here’s my challenge to the Harper Conservatives and their supporters: Put your money where your mouth is. Openly declare the abolition or sell-off of the CBC and put it in your next election platform and try to win re-election with that. Let’s see if there is widespread support for that idea or not.

I’m willing to bet that there is not, which is why you’ll never see the Conservatives declare that to be a priority. Instead, they will try to do a “death by a 1000 cuts” while they’re in power. However, I’m optimistic the CBC will get through this. Brian Mulroney tried to do the same thing back during his tenure – cutting funds to the CBC – and the network came out of that. I’m confident it will do the same thing once the Harperites are removed from power.

This too, shall pass.


7 comments to Reflections on Gritgirl’s newest video on Harper vs the CBC.

  • slg

    Oh Wilson, you’re so lame brained at times. People object when they’re cuts to anything – BUT a plan to destroy the CBC is another kettle of fish.

  • wilson

    25 February 2004

    Online petition opposes cuts to CBC,
    program funding

    oops….25 February 2004

  • Shawn Heslip

    The Harperites will pass but the damage they are doing will be permanent to whats left of this country!

  • Big Winnie

    It will be interesting to see if any World Leaders ask him why he is willing to let a government owned corporation to “flounder”.

  • slg

    O/T but funny – UK’s paper, the Independant, views on Harper (re: G20 summit):


    Who’s coming?

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, with delegation.

    What does he want?

    To fix the banks in order to restore lending, and a rapid delivery of economic stimulus package pledged by G20 last November. No protectionism. Greater transparency to restore confidence in global financial system.

    Distinguishing feature

    Politically astute, Harper will go with the flow. Former Bush-loving PM now loves Obama following presidential visit to Canada.

  • Big Winnie

    I liked the video…simple but very effective.

    Yesterday, during QP, Martha Hall Findlay raised this question to Moore:

    “Ms. Martha Hall Findlay (Willowdale, Lib.):
    Mr. Speaker, not only will the government not take the easy steps to prevent the loss of jobs at the CBC, but it also appears intent on selling CBC assets; the CBC, a prized national institution so important to Canadians.

    Will the minister please confirm or deny that CBC assets will soon be on the block?

    [Table of Contents]

    Hon. James Moore (Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, of course, we will work with the CBC. However, one-third of CBC’s income comes from ad revenue, and ad revenue is down across the board for all people in the media. We will work with the CBC with regard to any sale of assets and make sure that is in the best interests of Canadians and the best interests of the CBC.

    About job losses, let us be clear. Richard Stursberg, the executive vice-president of CBC, said that if the government had given the CBC bridge financing, it still would have had to cut 800 jobs.

    So, the bridge financing would not have solved the problems at the CBC…”

    Ok, so bridge financing wouldn’t have covered the shortfall. Did the government actually consult with CBC to see what they would require to prevent job losses?

    No! Moore continually stated that “the executive vice-president…still would have to cut 800 jobs.”

    Also, why isn’t CBC asking for even more money?

  • slg

    Check out David Akin, Big City Lib – Harper has sent financial support to a group that wants to separate the west from Canada. Therefore, Harper supports western separatists. So, Harper joyfully would want to destroy CBC that is one unifier of Canada but wants to support a group that wants to destroy Canada.

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