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How many politicians are “ghost-twitterers”?

Unbelievably, I am doing another blogpost on Twitter – back to back actually! That’s more to do with my not finding anything compelling to blog about this AM. Yes, yes, Ontario has a new Budget out – but I’m not overly disappointed or happy to be compelled to write something about it at the moment. So no, I’m not becoming a Twitter convert (Dr Dawg, who run’s Dawg’s Blawg, sent me a Twitter join request after reading my blogpost yesterday, and I told him politely on Skype to stuff it 🙂 ).

Anyhow, what caught my interest this AM was this article about “ghost twitterers” at Macleans. The gist of the story is: some of the famous people out there who use Twitter can’t be bothered writing the 140 characters or less, so they let their manager or someone else write it and pretend it’s actually them doing the twittering.

This story make me kind of curious as to how many of our Canadian politicians who use Twitter actually write the “twits” themselves, (no pun intended, I don’t think), or depend on a ghostwriting staff member to do it for them. Anyone care to guess which of our Canadian politicians do their own twittering, and who might not feel comfortable typing up 140 characters or less to the twittering masses, and slough it off to some staff member to do for them?


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