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More blistering videos on the Harper Conservatives..

..but not from Gritgirl this time. This one is a tad more angry.

If you’re looking for some background info for this youtube video, because you’re not exactly familiar with what it’s referring to, starting here and then here would be a good place.


9 comments to More blistering videos on the Harper Conservatives..

  • Roll Tide

    This is all moot partisan BS. The US has been overstimulating for years, and now think that doing the same thing X ten will solve it. Harper is getting politically sucked right in this Keynsian nonsense that he KNOWS is BS. Buy Gold, go long on your mortgage, do not fall for the suckers rally. we are heading for massive inflation high rates thanks to Obama….think..we cannot spend our way into properity…think….you know it will not work.

  • @kwittet – Go read the links, Kevin.. and then go read Hansard.

  • kwittet

    All i heard was background music and no voices or sound to actually confirm thats what they were standing up for?/

  • Marie

    OOPs, forgot to do a spell check but I’m sure errors and all, you get the drift. Have a nice day all

  • Marie

    Roll Tide, Please quit calling the kettle black. What do you think of the blogging tories blog huh? Now that is one hateful site and sick views. Actually my advice is to steer clear from that site. It is making a lot of good people bad ones.
    Scott, it seems Conservtives have no sense of decency. Kind of reminds me of Hitler and is chosen solidiers. Easily brain washed, would hate their own family and neigbours if they happen to be Liberals. This might be a little harsh but dam it, its the truth.

  • Roll Tide

    I am not hear to defend Shaidle. I never read her blog and do not care for her hateful views.
    It would be like the Tories launching a negative ad linking the Liberal party to the hateful views of George Galloway, since some Liberals defended his right to speak against mean old Jason Kenney.
    It would backfire. Show some decency.

  • @Roll Tide – This little bit of whining is pathetic, even for your standards, Roll Tide.

    – The quotes of Shaidle are real.

    -It is a fact those Conservative MP’s and others have stood up to defend her in the House – and by extension, her loathsome and bigoted statements – against mean ole’ Warren Kinsella, for pointing out the horrendous statements she makes.

    Show some courage and admit they’re wrong for doing so. Show me you Conservative supporters can do more then parrot Conservative talking points. Show me you can exhibit some decency.

  • Roll Tide

    This is from the “Guns in our street” menatality.
    I would say worse then Willie Horton.
    This road is filled with corpses.
    Coming from Liberals, it does not surprise me.

  • Gayle

    That was a good video.

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