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On Probation’s website

If you read the Liblogs or Progressive Blogger aggregate, or even Liberals Online, you probably saw a fair # of bloggers yesterday talking about how the Liberals have launched a new website called, which is designed to help Canadians keep the Conservative government on track, as they put it, by keeping track of the Conservative government’s stimulus spending.

You won’t be surprised to know a lot of Liberal partisan blogs love the site. More telling is there are non-Liberals who think this site is well done and is a good idea as well. Take for example Senator Elaine McCoy, the independent Progressive Conservative senator from Alberta:

Taking inspiration from Obama’s site, information is presented in attractive, easy-to-read graphics that tell another side of the story that the Canadian government’s been broadcasting. Although it’s clearly partisan, the site will likely be welcomed by anyone wanting to know the state of play as our nation’s stimulus package rolls out..this is an excellent start if for no other reason than that it challenges the virtual monopoly government spin-masters have enjoyed in terms of putting their own interpretation on various factoids. If Liberal staffers can manage to keep new information flowing on a real-time basis,’s contribution to a healthy debate among Canadians will be valuable indeed.

I highlighted that last part because that will indeed be important. If this website rollout was a 1 day show for the media and efforts aren’t maintained to keep it as up to date and current as possible, then the site will be a failure. However, if information is kept up to date, then I have great hope for the site (which looks tons better then the Conservative government’s creation, in my biased POV).

Here’s Michael Ignatieff describing the idea and reasoning behind the creation of this site.

UPDATE @ 3:44 pm:Some of my Conservative commenters are “titillated” by the fact the .com version of this address goes to some porn site. Three thoughts on that: 1) There IS a difference between a .com address and a .ca one; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a point to having different domain names for Canadian sites, now would there? 2) Isn’t it odd how some Conservative folks seem obsessed/fixated with porn? 3) I note that they can’t or won’t directly address/attack the content of the site, so they have to go in this manner.


17 comments to On Probation’s website

  • KNB

    If this is what passes for a major screw up in your world Roll Tide, it must be mighty dull.

    Keep babbling though. You’re driving up the numbers at the .ca site.

  • Roll Tide


    It neutralized whatever merit the website had.
    Its a major screw-up.
    You know it, we know it, and you know we know it.

    How can a party promote a web site that steers Canadians to a X-rated site.
    Most people google a name to find the site. Google onprobation, and see for yourself what comes on top.

  • kwittet

    2) Isn’t it odd how some Conservative folks seem obsessed/fixated with porn?

    Yes some people are…are you insinuating that there are no liberals who like porn? I know it is hard(pun intended) to believe but it is legal and some women like it too. Hell even the people who dont live with there parents but their spouses enjoy it~~

  • kwittet

    2) Isn’t it odd how some Conservative folks seem obsessed/fixated with porn?

    thats because some of us dont live with our parents and have spouses and it IS LEGAL …and I know you may find it hard(pun intended) to believe but some women like it too!!!!

    No one here would have known about the “porn” if scott had not have told us. Hows the porn look scott? Screw it(pun intended) I will go check it out myself!!

    back already…there are better free movie sites out there!!!

  • Actually Roll, not pissed, but merely amused at the lengths people will go to try to make lame points. This one, on the domain name, makes the critics look like the fools. Good grief.

  • Roll Tide

    SteveV and BCer:
    I don’t blame your sarcasm. I would be p***d too, if my party repeated the same basic amateur mistake.

  • Does this mean I don’t have to watch CityTV at 3 in the morning anymore? Who knew?

  • You mean we can get porn on the Internet?!

  • Roll Tide

    This is how the Liberals wish to “stimulate” the country.

  • Babylonian

    the .com equivalent of that name “onprobation” is a pornographic website featuring…..

    ……. “Black, Asian, Latin, Interracial + Fetish Links”

    At least your blunders appeal to the “immigrant/ethnic” vote. lmao.

  • Babylonian

    Truly something to behold, lmao. This is pathetic.

  • Micahel Harkov

    The Liberals have a little VS confusion again when following the Liberal onprobabtion site address. Be careful not to enter .com instead of .ca, because you might get a nasty little surprise!

    I wonder if the owner of the other site would be interested in suing the Liberal party like Jennifer Wright did when her business’ name was appropriated? Imagine that, the Liberal party sued by the owner of a porn site for stealing their name. Oh yes, how delicious would that be? If I were the fine upstanding owner of a filty porn site, I would balk at the damaging potential for having my business linked with the Liberals as well. 😉

    Internet amateur hour again with the LPC. Way to to go guys! Way to go Iggy, LMAO!

  • Roll Tide

    Somebody blew it again in the Liberal party….deja-vu.
    Google onprobation and you do not want to see what comes up first.

  • Just make sure you don’t go to OnProbation dot com at work!!!

  • Greg

    I think that is telling that they chose tory blue for the main color.

  • KNB

    Right roll tide. As if reading anonymous critiques of a video is going to move the country forward and make the government accountable.

    Have something to say? Something to contribute? Go to the site.

  • Roll Tide

    They want to “hear from Canadians”, but chose to disable comments on youtube.

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