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The Conservative base is restless.

I noted this blogpost over at Both Barrels referring to a Hill Times article talking about the Conservative Party possibly feuding and dividing into factions once Harper steps down, due to various ideological and policy differences.

It’s no coincidence, I don’t think, that in the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the Conservative leadership try to appeal to its base supporters with a variety of things designed to throw them some red meat and keep them actively supporting the Conservative cause. The latest would be Tom Flanagan writing an op-ed in today’s Globe & Mail worrying that suddenly worrying that polygamy is imminent in being declared legal here in Canada, and inferring that it’s the same situation as what occurred as same-sex marriage (note also the subtle dig at immigrants in the piece).

This is all being done to try and distract the Conservative base from some of the moves Harper has been forced to do of late (ie. stimulus packages) and keep them interested/enthused in the Conservative cause. Attack the usual suspects and whip up some good old-fashioned fear.


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