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I’m torn…

I have such conflicting emotions right now on reading the rumour that the US is backing the Danish PM to be the next Secretary-General of NATO, rather then Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay (if that was ever true to begin with).

On the one hand, I’m disappointed we’re not going to be rid of Petey. On the other hand, I’m sort of relieved that it appears NATO is not going to be led by this bumbler.


3 comments to I’m torn…

  • T-Roy

    Glad it ain’t going to be Pete. The Neo-cons have already made a joke out of Canada. No need to heap more coal on that fire. I am curious though about the change. I was under the impression that Biden and the US were pushing for Pete.

    Do you think Harper’s Manning Centre speech where he blames Americans Citizens and Obama for the US’s ills (while never metioning the policies of the previous admin as the cause) had any effect on who the US was going to root for?

  • Big Winnie

    Personally, I could never envision nor wanted to see MacKay as the Secretary-General of NATO.

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