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Saturday morning snippets.

– The new NANOS poll is out, and it shows a lead for the Liberals. Analysis from Nik here. The actual poll breakdowns and graphs here. Lots of analysis from all over the blogosphere this AM. I’m sure there will be many other places that will talk about this poll today.

– Regarding the rather public banning of British MP George Galloway from Canada, and the loud braying by minister Jason Kenney that he wouldn’t be overturning that decision, there have been many blog pieces written on it already, but I noted this comment this AM on this Liberal blog that I would say more or less sums up my view:

Jason Kenney is George Galloway’s Publicist:

Galloway will be sending the Kenney(s) a Christmas card I am sure. Galloway is getting a thousand times more publicity than he would have gotten had he been allowed in…The Conservatives have turned a loud mouth jack ass into a free speech martyr.

I don’t agree with much, if anything that George Galloway says, and anything I do agree with him on gets neutralized by his manner in which he delivers the message. Still, we let him into the country in 2006. The US allows him into their country, and did so even when George Bush was in power, and I’ve read reports elsewhere (unconfirmed) that Israel permits him entry into their country. Banning people from traveling here because the Conservatives don’t like what they have to say sets a dangerous precedent (and I don’t buy the “national security reasons” excuse that was used to bar him). It’s not the first time this government has done this either; you might recall that Professor Bill Ayers, the former Weatherman supporter and friend/acquaintance of President Obama, was banned from traveling here because our government didn’t like what he did 40 years ago, even though he has moved on from that past. The government has been showing a distressing tendency to play Big Brother of late with visitors who oppose their point of view.

– On a related note, good point here:

I wonder if Minister Jason Kenney would allow Conservative MP Jason Kenney into the country who spoke at a rally for a group on the terror list.

UPDATE: Apparently Conservatives just love going to events where guns are getting auctioned off. First it was a Saskatchewan MP whose appearance got nixed after the uproar over a Beretta pistol getting auctioned off, and now by none other then PM Harper. Real great optics, once again.


7 comments to Saturday morning snippets.

  • Roll Tide

    George Galloway supported Dutch MP Geert Wilders being banned from the UK because of this movie.

  • Roll Tide

    George Galloway on his own TV show

  • Roll Tide

    George Galloway on Dutch MP Geert Wilders being denied entry into the UK.
    “Freedom of speech is not absolute…I fully support the British Government decision to ban him and send him back to Holland”

    I think we have a little justice being played out here.

  • kwittet

    Fair enough Gayle

    And if he was doing something illegal I would say kick his ass to the curb..or even if it was walking the line..but it is NOT and the left leaning press and the loony left are the ones who are screaming about bad optics..
    last i checked it is still LEGAL to own long guns and handguns in this country so to crucify the guy for being an invited guest to a legal function is pissing in the wind.
    Someone in another post mentioned about the Tamil that is bad..they are know terrorists and apparently friends of the liberals.

  • Gayle

    Kwittet – perhaps you failed to notice, but Harper is the Prime Minister of this country. He is attending this event as the Prime Minister of this country.

    That means what happens at this event reflects on him as Prime Minister, and that makes it fair game.

  • kwittet

    and now by none other then PM Harper. Real great optics, once again.

    The only ones who seem to be making a deal about this is the desperate liberals who are trying to make a big deal out of everything that Harper does. I know he is far from perfect but are you going to nitpick everything he does. thank god there is not a liberal mole hiding in the sewer system below 24 sussix dr because i am sure that it would end up on here critiqing his stool. and lord knows there is enough crap spewed here to fertilize a large field!! AND BY BOTH SIDES!!!

  • Mr. Galloway is quite the character. I remember the 2005 election when he won a narrow upset in a London district over the highly respected Oona King. Watching his acceptance speech and later his on air interview with Jeremy Paxham on live streaming that night, showed me a guy with both guts and a total lack of class. Oddly enough, Ms King with class in defeat defended his comments! He got excorciated two months later after the London bombings when, while condemning the attacks, also said they were not unexpected either. Why him? Everyone knew it was a matter of time.

    He’s entitled to his opinion, and he should be allowed to speak those opinions on Canadian soil. This is just as bad as when Louis Farrakhan was forbidden from speaking here several years back. I don’t like what he stands for either (I think most Canadians don’t) but that’s no reason for silencing him.

    I notice too that the Cons are upset over the Tamil protest in Toronto the other day and all the flags they were waving. Yes, the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) are an outlawed terrorist group, but is Harper really going to try to put tens of thousands of people in jail for waving the Tiger flag?

    These are dangerous times we’re living in, and our freedom of speech is very much in danger.

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