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Mock outrage

After reading this blogpost over at Impolitical, I get the feeling that Doug Finley (Director of Political Operations for the Conservative Party) would use any excuse or perceived outrage to send out more fund raising letters to try and get the Conservative masses to send him and his party more money to fight us Liberal barbarians.

Like, if a Liberal supporter went up to him and/or his wife in the grocery store to tell them what a crappy job the Conservatives were doing, I can almost picture him recounting that in an email and asking his CPC mailing list to send more money to show their outrage at him being insulted, as well as the verbal assault on the Conservative government.

Seriously, they’re trying to use an anonymous Liberal supporter named Gritgirl (who they have no proof of being in the Liberal War Room, despite the letter’s assertions) posting videos on Youtube (admittedly that are rather devastating in showing that Harper and the Conservatives contradict themselves and have no idea what they’re doing on the economy) as the basis for trying to get their supporters into raising more cash from them? Are they that spooked/paranoid about this? Wow.


14 comments to Mock outrage

  • Gayle

    You have conveniently missed mine.

    No one contests the fact the CPC are better at fundraising. That does not change the fact that the people who fall for these fundraising drives are stupid.

    The LPC have to do better because they cannot draw support with alarmist drivel like “they are all out to get us”. They have to sell ideas. Your point would be more effective if you could demonstrate that the CPC are selling ideas rather than propoganda. But you can’t do that, because you know these fundraising letters are aimed at ‘teh stoopid” in your party.

    Nice try though.

  • Roll Tide

    “They should be able to make the decision to donate money based on facts. The LPC collect donations from such people.”

    Thank-you, you made my point. Using your logic, the state of the Liberal finances speaks volumes of what Liberal supporters think of their party.

  • Gayle


    People should not have to “fall for” a fundraising appeal. They should be able to make the decision to donate money based on facts. The LPC collect donations from such people.

    Luckily for the CPC, there are enough people around stupid enough to fall for the suggestion they actually need money, and that the gritgirl video is some sort of threat. The CPC peddle fear, and conspiracy theories, and so-con propoganda. The CPC do not have to share the stupid people with anyone. The LPC have to share the smart ones with the NDP, the Greens and the Bloc.

  • Roll Tide


    What your saying is that Liberal supporters are so smart that they never fall for fund raising appeal. Using your logic, thats quite an indictment on the state of the Liberal party. Judging by the state of the Liberal finances those “smart” supporters are making quite a statement.

  • kwittet


    I know you didnt target me specifically but i support no one anymore..i just comment on what I believe is in my opinion right or wrong..and if my opinion favours the cons..or the libs…so be it!!

  • slg

    How stupid can Con supporters be. C’mon, the CPC has approx $21 million and yet they act like fundraising is an emergency – talk about raping and abusing their supporters. Pathetic.

    Jealous because a Liberal supporter has some talent?

    You go (Grit)girl

  • kwittet

    i recant my fair is fair comment because nothing to do with this political chess game is fair. most of all to the taxpayers who expect the politicians to do thier jobs which they are not. To be honest in my opinion there needs to be a blog out there that calls it the way it is. unfortunatly there is not one that I have ever found that has the acorns to call a spade a spade and then there is the problem is that it would still be slanted to that persons point of view. Both the Liberal and the Conservatives have for years ran attack ads against eachother and I for one would love to see legislation that stops it. If they do it they are fined lets say $100,000 and the proceeds go towards a charity of the other partys choice. If it is revealed (and i am using this as an example only) that someone like gritgirl is a liberal member meaning that they are from the so called war room and trying to backdoor thier views by posting anonomously then the fine is $250,000.
    END OF PROBLEM> except for the fact that they could put someone else to it but you cant solve all the problems by legislation.

  • kwittet

    I am curious…this blog does not allow or usually condone anonomous posts(except when it is slamming the conservatives) but this whole gritgirl thing has me puzzled. If this gritgirl had any umm..balls and to put some credibility to the youtube videos he/she should identify who they are?
    fair is fair

  • Well you know why the CPC and guys like Finley are convinced that GritGirl is from the LPC war room don’t you? Because that’s what they do. All of their so-called “grass roots” events, videos and movements are all created and coordinated by their war room. They cannot conceive that there might actually be a real grassroots movement, so it MUST be the war room, like theirs….

    Hell more than a few trolls originate there (liberal4life for instance).

    Of course, Taylor will deny it and claim that he doesn’t receive marching orders and funding from the CPC. Its just a coincidence when he scoops stories or is the origin of spin….

    Personally, whether GritGirl is the product of the war room or not is irrelevant – everything she has in the videos is true and that is good enough for me (and I don’t even vote, let alone vote Liberal)

  • How on earth did Canada end up with these crazy ultra -right wing fools like this one and his wife? I should have added Harper too.This is a dangerous Movement and Harris is trying it in Ontario, by helping someone like him to get in…..Dangerous!

  • But you know they’ll raise a few thousand dollars from this, all for the cost of sending an e-mail, which is practically nothing. I think Gayle nailed it:

    The LPC’s problem is that most of their supporters are NOT stupid enough to fall for fundraisers like this.

  • Great! I wonder how many clueless Con supports will now go and view the video and catch on to Harper’s incompetence?

    Never promote your opponent’s material.

  • Gayle

    Finley simply knows there are enough CPC supporters who are stupid enough to fall for this.

    The LPC’s problem is that most of their supporters are NOT stupid enough to fall for fundraisers like this.

  • Roll Tide

    Well done Finley, Grit Girl ads are from the Liberal war room. Use them for the war chest, and strike early. I think the Liberals are envious.

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