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Saving the willing messengers

The Heritage Minister, James Moore, doesn’t want to lift a finger to help out CBC with its projected shortfall of revenues, but he’s looking to move mountains in order to help out the private networks:

The Harper government is considering help for Canada’s troubled private TV broadcasters, including the possibility of looser regulations and tax changes…Public records show that Canwest, along with other broadcasters such as CTVglobemedia and Quebecor, have been lobbying Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to ask for relief in the form of regulatory changes.

I don’t deem it a coincidence that all of these private networks and their subsidiaries have shown varying degrees of support for the Conservative government. The Conservatives will obviously do what they can to prevent their message conduit to the public from stopping, due to their media cronies falling into bankruptcy or decline. Meanwhile, the same ideologues that are in the Conservative government will squeeze the hated public broadcaster, the CBC, as much as politically possible.

UPDATE @ 5:30 pm: Okay, I may cut the Heritage Minister some slack. He may even be a CBC fan, but his boss the PM sure isn’t. As Impolitical shows, Harper is very biased against the CBC, so it may be him not willing to lift a finger to help the CBC, with Moore having to play along with his boss.


7 comments to Saving the willing messengers

  • kwittet

    Originally Posted By Doz If the public won’t agree to buy something they don’t want, have the government force them to pay for it through their taxes.


    this should be directed at the CBC also

    NONE of them should get a red fucking cent of my tax dollars!!

  • Doz

    I love the heart of the proposals under consideration to help sustain the heroic tax fighters at Canwest Global. Wait for it—- a new tax!! To be levied by the government, collected by the cable and satellite providers, and paid by all the schmuks who own a TV. Better still, the new tax is not to be used to fund health care or reduce the deficit, but is earmarked for the pockets of these same valiant tax fighters. If the public won’t agree to buy something they don’t want, have the government force them to pay for it through their taxes.


  • kwittet

    this is pathetic…the cbc which is goverment owned is asking for more?? are they f-ing nuts…guess what..its time to sink or swim..get some sponsers that pay bills because other than hockey night in canada they are a drag on taxpayers. sell them off to private owners and see how they do. Canwest has been private and has paid there own way for years and now are having problems but just because you people dont like the fact that they lean right you want them gone??

  • Roll Tide

    “The Heritage Minister, James Moore, doesn’t want to lift a finger to help out CBC”

    James Moore gave the Conservative hating CBC over 1 Billion dollars. Canwest never got a cent. Scott claims Moore does not want to lift a finger.

    Unbelievable how the left only think the CBC deserves funding, and still it is never enough.
    It reveals the left wing mindset.

  • AlisonS

    Frankly I would love to see Canwest fail. Large media conglomerates have had a very negative effect on the quality of news we receive. Instead of reflecting local values, we are force fed the ideology of the grand poobahs (usually strongly conservative). If they can’t make ends meet, then they should sell off divisions to the private sector and reorganize their business. These same people have complete hissy fits about welfare for people, but are just peachy keen about welfare for themselves. The hypocrasy is staggering.

    In normal times, I am completely against corporate bailouts or industry specific enticements. In this climate however, only those businesses whose bankruptsy would be catastrophic for the economy and/or the country should be helped out. Mega-media doesn’t fall into that category.

  • JMR

    This government was not going to pick winners or losers. Where has that idea gone? This was supposed to be a market driven government so if you aren’t good at business TOO BAD go take your lumps like every other company!

  • Behold the Conservative Welfare State at its finest. Cronyism in government by rewarding your sycophants through pure corporate welfare.

    Whatever happened to the idea that if you can’t run a profitable business, you go out of business?

    Such old fashioned ideas are out of vogue with even Conservatives these days I suppose.

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