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Don’t whisper that too loudly, Tim.

Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris apparently is a big supporter of Ontario PC leadership hopeful Tim Hudak.

I’m sure the core Conservative right-wing base in Ontario will just love that, but Ontario voters have long memories ; particularly of Harris, and not in a good manner. I’m not sure Tim’s campaign should be thinking having Harris as a prominent supporter of your guy is a plus in the rest of Ontario who aren’t wingnuts.


3 comments to Don’t whisper that too loudly, Tim.

  • Greg

    It is no surprise, at least to me. Hudak is a Harris dead-ender. It is only right that Harris should return the favor. I hope Harris campaigns with Mr. Hudak in every corner of the province.

  • Made promises and kept them? Like wine and beer in corner stores?

    I don’t remember him promising to gut education and healthcare and to leave a $6 billion deficit that his Finance Minister hid from the public.

    Harris was the worst thing to happen to Ontario in decades. Dalton isn’t much better but don’t pretend that having Harris advocate for you is a good thing.

    Most Ontarians despise the man, especially those of us with kids in school who see the horrendous state of the education system thanks to him…

  • kwittet

    Mike Harris was the last politician in recent memory that made promises and kept them. Yes it was painfull but life usually is. I think the best thing he ever did was work-fare…too bad it didnt work out because the lowlifes that collect money for nothing didnt want to go out and ACTUALLY earn it. I know you are going to jump on me about Walkerton and other crap but as far asI and many others are concerned it was the Koebels fault..they falsified the reports.
    Also of note is that every time DORKY DALTON and the provincial libs run into problems they ALWAYS blame Harris. THEY HAVE BEEN IN POWER FOR ALMOST 2 TERMS.
    If they were effective at governing then they could have in this amount of time straighted up the supposed mess from Harris.
    QUIT WHINNING and do your dam job or step down!!


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