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Cry me a river

Shorter Stephen Taylor: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I’d expand on that, but there are a number of bloggers who’ve already commented on the petulance, so I’ll redirect you to their sites.

I will say that I’m amazed to see that an anonymous user on Youtube with a codename of “Gritgirl” who is posting anti-Harper videos is causing so much angst over there – not just in Blogging Tory land but in Conservative circles in general. I will also say I find the claim that an anonymous Liberal supporter on Youtube posting stuff has now justified the Conservatives retaliating to be a farce. Harper is going to release attack ads, regardless of whether the LPC beats him to the punch or if Liberal or other opposition party supporters release Youtube ads going after him. He doesn’t need an excuse to do so – that’s the Conservatives modus operandi. We weren’t born yesterday, Stephen.


3 comments to Cry me a river

  • kwittet

    i think everyone on both sides are acting like school children…politicians…bloggers..hell even me for wasting my time commenting!!!

    Now everyone go to thier rooms and take a time out and when you canact grown up may come out but only if you act like adults.

    I am going to my room to. Sarah Palin..go to my room too!!!

    FUN TIME!!

  • I don’t think Taylor is sincere in his whining. I think he knows people are on to him, and is excited by the chase.

  • Taylor is a whiny assed tity baby, if you’ll pardon my Russian.

    What a damn hypocrite – the guy who organized the “Rally for Canada” that denounced the opposition as treasonous and traitors – all lies – is now complaining about youtube vids that are 100% true?

    What a hypocritical, dishonest jackass.

    The Cons are scared…keep them that way

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