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Gritgirl’s latest video released today

It’s titled, “The Harper Conservatives Massive Deficit”

UPDATE: By the way, the point of this video (which is in the video at the end) is not that the Conservatives are going to run a deficit, or even a bigger deficit then they forecasted. It’s that not so long ago, they were rejecting we’d be going into deficit. This video points out that Harper was still standing up in Parliament as he did in this clip, and telling Canadians there will be a surplus, when everyone else was thinking a deficit was unavoidable. As the clip shows, that was November 27, 2008.


4 comments to Gritgirl’s latest video released today

  • Roll Tide

    Liberals using US style attack ads. They cannot cry foul when the Tories hit back.
    I think its great.

  • Marie


    Are you for real? Walking and talking like you have blinders on and a very short memory. Do not even talk about negative ads with a striaght face. Your party of choice has re-envented attack ads. If you believe them, your not a very bright man. IMO, the fall down will be a little tough on you guys.

  • kwittet

    I wonder if it would have been so large a deficit if the liberals hadnt held a gun to thier heads with the coalition of coup-scam idiots!!

  • Roll Tide

    I see the Liberals have resorted to massive Carville-Atwater-American style negative attacks.

    When the Conservatives respond, as they should, the media cannot accuse them of starting it.

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