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Dissension in the ranks

So, Harper does a “private” speech at the Manning Centre and basically rips Liberals and Obama. Pretty standard fare from him, particularly to a supposedly friendly partisan crowd. What was surprising though was he went after libertarians as well – something that didn’t sit very well with some:

Mike Brock, a Conservative blogger who attended the conference, called the speech bewildering. “The treatment to classical liberals and libertarians – of which I consider myself – was nothing short of stunning,” he wrote. “The condescension was literally dripping from his mouth. Was this his response to the disillusionment that libertarians across the country have had to his government and its policies of late? If it was, it did not build any bridges. Rather, it burnt them right down.”

That’s quite a statement from Mike. He’s been a conservative blogger for quite a long time, and for him to write something like this shows that Harper’s speech didn’t exactly smooth over ruffled Conservative feathers. I was just also thinking that Stephen Taylor, head of the Blogging Tories, has also claimed before he’s a believer of libertarianism (and I believe he also happens to work at the Manning Centre). I wonder what he thought of Harper’s speech taking potshots at libertarian philosophy, and whether he agrees or not with Mike’s assessment of this part of Harper’s tirade.


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  • Mike Brock

    I wouldn’t really call this “dissension in the ranks” as I wouldn’t have particularly considered myself as part of the “ranks” for the better part of the last three years.

    I also wouldn’t pat yourself on the backs. Stephen Harper, in reality, has simply decided to move in the direction of centrist, populist, appeal which is really exactly what you Liberal’s are.

    Where Liberal’s seek to manufacturer populist consent around the tenuous ideas of cultural mosaics, and a false mythos of Canadian values, so too has the Conservative Party, albeit with different populist markers; toughness of crime, and the appearance of toughness of the world stage being prime examples.

    The Liberal Party and Conservative Party don’t have to come to the same version of Canadian values in order for them to be–at least–intellectually identical in their movement. They must only make the same mistake of embracing populist policy, through the manufacturing of consent as a gateway to power.

    Then you have the NDP which is still holding firm to the old working class, Fabian, populism that has long since seen it’s day.

    It’s all really depressing.

  • Roll Tide

    Kudos to our PM. The Liberal tax and spend policies of Obama done here would have doubled our deficit and prolonged the recession. You will have purists on both the left and the right no matter who is in power.

  • Originally Posted By WesternGrit
    I was pretty sure you had this turning leaf, kinda sketched… I think it also was part of your V-casts…? Anyways… nice look.

    Hmm.. here’s the old site, you find me the turning leaf there, because I sure don’t see it 🙂 (except of course in the Progressive Bloggers logo, but that’s also here in the sidebar)

    I also haven’t done any v-casts that I can recall. You might be thinking of the Progressive Bloggers main page.

    (Apologies that we’re hopelessly off-topic now).

  • I was pretty sure you had this turning leaf, kinda sketched… I think it also was part of your V-casts…? Anyways… nice look.

  • Originally Posted By WesternGrit
    I like the new look of your blog… but I do miss the maple leafs…

    Heh.. I didn’t have maple leafs on my old blog.. unless you’re making a joke I’m not getting.

  • Marie

    I too love the new look of your your website. I think Harper is losing control of himself and his own party will crucify him for it.If they don’t the USA with Obama will. I would assume he is very much aware of Harpers shenanigans of late. Iggy, we need out of this mess now ASAP, not later. Do your job regardless of the consequences.

  • Mike: I think you’re hearing from Michael Ignatieff and a very strong team of MPs an awful lot about what they’re going to do…

    – reverse the income trusts decision, for starters
    – support science and research
    – mend bridges with countries around the world – including China (Harper has repeated “dissed” the world’s largest market), and, yes, the USA (It is no secret what Harper thinks of Obama, and the Obama team’s “respect” for Harper). Under the Liberals, the “Team Canada” Trade Missions developed a respect and dialogue with other countries that this Neo-Con stone-age party not only dislikes, but has no idea about…
    – Develop industry in our industrial heartland
    – Foster growth in the green technologies of the future
    – Increase emphasis on education and innovation: more funding for universities and students.
    – Help develop Canada’s North. Harper talks a good game (about everything), but never delivers. When he killed the Kelowna Accord, he basically said “goodbye” to the people of the North.

    You don’t have to wait to see a Liberal platform for any of this… These are fundamental parts of Liberal ideology.

  • I like the new look of your blog… but I do miss the maple leafs…

  • Anonymous

    Sorry.. but anonymous comments aren’t allowed here – Scott

  • The Con Party is not even populist. When does Harper seek advice from his members?

  • I don’t always agree with Brock but I have always considered him fairly principled. He’s right and I hope other libertarians and small government, fiscal conservatives realize that this isn’t a “conservative” party anymore – it truly is a populist, right wing so-con party as authoritarian as any on the left they constantly criticism.

    That speech could have been given by Franco or Mussolini.


    Question now is, what will the Liberals do?

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