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Gritgirl returns with revised video of Harper’s Friday the 13th.

…using footage of Harper’s speech that presumably isn’t owned by CTV/Globemedia. Here it is again, with the punchline being “Harper and Conservatives Making It Up As They Go Along”

Wow.. just read this at Warren’s:

The Cons freaked when they saw GritGirls latest, and even apparently got lawyers involved to get it pulled. This is a new version she did, copyright-safe.

This time.. I’m putting it in my sidebar too in a new page I’ve created called Videos, to keep as a constant reminder to folks about the ineptness and the dishonesty of Harper and the Conservatives. The other videos of Gritgirl are going in there too.


5 comments to Gritgirl returns with revised video of Harper’s Friday the 13th.

  • A.Political

    Always makes me laugh when CPC boosters confuse factual presentations of reality – Harpers says this, Reality says something else’ ads are all of a sudden on the same level as puffins defecating on members of parliament and accusing the Leader of the opposition party of being meek and girlish. One deals with facts/reality the other deals with character assassination/personal attacks…he CPC always seems to fall in to the latter group.

    Big difference James, a huge glaring difference.

  • Roll Tide

    @James Hoobey

    You are right. The gloves are off, Liberals can’t cry foul now when the Tories hit back, on real air. Remember, the Tories have money.

  • Gayle

    The ad is factually correct, his words are not taken out of context and his image is not taken from a one second pose that makes him look foolish.

    I fail to see how contrasting his words with reality amounts to an attack ad.

  • @James Hoobey – Gee James.. I don’t see an official Liberal Party of Canada release on this Youtube ad. This is a Liberal supporter, no doubt.. but its a big leap to go from Liberal supporter making videos to Liberal Party endorsed attack ads.

    And nice try – but Harper is going to release attack ads, regardless of whether the LPC beats him to the punch or if Liberal or other opposition party supporters release Youtube ads going after him. He doesn’t need an excuse to do so – that’s the Conservatives modus operandi. We weren’t born yesterday, James.

  • James Hoobey

    Nice one. This just provides justification for Harper to unleash his own attack ads. You know, the ones that work?

    How can you Liberals cry foul when you are condoning ads like this one?

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