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Just saying..

CTV lagged for weeks when the Conservatives used Dion footage (“very seriously, a carbon tax”) in their election ads. They took less then a day today to make a copyright claim on the video made by Gritgirl today to get it taken off of Youtube. (The other 2 videos at Gritgirl’s site are still intact).

Interesting, don’t you think?


7 comments to Just saying..

  • Marie

    @Micahel Harkov

    You should be proud of having CBC It is aided by Canadians tax dollars which means you have a share of them. If your feeling sorry for Canwest, that doesn’t say much for you now does it Michael? If Canwest can get away with reporting stupid partisan views, they deserve to go bellyup.

  • Conservatives a lying sacks of puss…what more do you need to know. Of course they would make a copyright claim like that. IOKIYAC.

  • sassy

    @Edward – Thanks Edward (I was starting to wonder about myself) 😉

  • Edward

    Hey Sassy,

    The original had the footage of Harper with CTV’s “Live” logo on the top left. The new one has taken it out.

  • sassy

    I’m confused, I just went here and there are three videos (the most recent one loaded an hour ago???

    Someone, anyone.

  • Micahel Harkov

    It helps to have friends in high places.

    Yeah, just ask the Liberals about the CBC. Oh thats right, THEY’RE funded by the tax payers for their bias, and the CTV isn’t.

    Good night.

  • Maybe Mike Duffy made a phone call?

    It helps to have friends in high places.

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