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“Harper and Cons making it up as they go along”

I don’t normally post too many blogposts back to back in such a short turnaround time, but this was too good to pass up. “Gritgirl” posts another Youtube video, striking again at the Conservative Government and Harper making things up on the economy as they go along.

Gritgirl’s Youtube videos that started getting posted last week are getting noticed in the mainstream media, with some paranoid Conservatives claiming that “Gritgirl” is a front for Warren Kinsella. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but its interesting how paranoid they seem about Warren, and how these videos must be hitting the mark, if they’re lashing out at them.

UPDATE @ 4:53 pm: As you might have seen, it appears CTV/Globemedia has decided to put the kibosh on this video, claiming it’s using copyrighted material. I guess Gritgirl will need to find footage from CPAC channel.. or something.


4 comments to “Harper and Cons making it up as they go along”

  • Marie

    Making it up as they go along is more than likely all the plan they ever have or ever had.

    Any deal they present is no thanks, no deal. Harper is right now on newsworld CBC and just his voice raises my blood pressure by 20 plus points. I usually just walk away or change the channel.God I hate that man. I can’t stand him, he’s nothing but an opportunist with no experience at all. Fudging it as he merrly goes along spreading his bullsh$$t.

  • It’s like Deal or No Deal.

    Howie Mandel: “Stevie, will you take these job losses or will you go for more?”

    Stevie Harper: “My sweetheart of many years is yelling something to me. Let me listen to Jim Flaherty. What should I do, Jimminy? Huh? Deal? Huh? OK.”

    Howie: “Stevie, what’s it going to be? Deal or no deal?”

    Stevie Harper: “I’ve heard what Jimminy had to say, but I’ll say ‘NO DEAL!'”

  • Big Winnie

    “Making it up as they go along”

    I like it!!

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