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Poor Pierre. No more free cheapshots.

Now that the Speaker has finally had enough of personal attacks during member statements in the House of Commons, and ruled that he will cut off Members attempting to do so, it’s little wonder Ottawa Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is the one most vehemently against it, even going so far as accusing the Speaker of being pressured by his Liberal colleagues to rule in this manner. With the Speaker enforcing that rule, Pierre will have no way to get in his cheap-shot attacks during members statements, and perhaps, just perhaps, the H of C will hear less of him.

That alone would improve Parliamentary decorum ten-fold.

UPDATE @ 12:45 pm: It appears other Conservatives are taking umbrage as well. I’m amused they’re trying to argue they should be allowed to smear people with impunity. I’m not sure other Canadians will be, however.


2 comments to Poor Pierre. No more free cheapshots.

  • Torontonian

    We should be glad that Poilievre isn’t the speaker!
    Imagine what the House would be like then.

    Closer to O’Reilly, or Hannity or another Fox
    personality instead of the reasonable house it
    once was during the Pearson/Trudeau/Clark years.

  • Well, If Pierre is all about free speech, then he is free to say all of those things outside the House of Commons. Hell he can bring Divine Dean Del Mastro with him.

    Or do you suppose, like many of the so-called “free speech” advocates, he wants to be allowed to say any damn fool thing he wants and not have to face the consequences of it.

    You know, not “free speech” but “consequence free speech”…

    What a jackass.

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