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Please do not change your 2007 stance on draconian anti-terror laws, Mr. Ignatieff.

In brief (mainly because I am under the weather today and not feeling too well):

The Conservative government is attempting to re-introduce draconian anti-terror legislation that expired under a sunset provision in 2007. The Liberals at the time under Stephane Dion’s leadership opposed it. Michael Ignatieff opposed it as well, and he said this:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made the principled case in 2007 (when Stéphane Dion was leader) that such provisions were “seriously flawed” and should be allowed to lapse.”Abridgments of civil liberties can be justified but only if public safety absolutely requires it and then only under strict conditions,” he said. “If this is the test, the clauses should sunset because they have not proven absolutely necessary to the public safety.”

I would urge Mr. Ignatieff to hold true to that statement today. Nothing has changed today from 2007, when he made those very true statements. There is no reason to reinstate these draconian measures, other then the Conservatives seeking to make partisan political gain from this. Mr. Ignatieff has said he doesn’t fear the Conservatives attempting to run attack ads against him or the Liberal Party. I hope that extends to this attempted re-introduction of these types of proposed anti-terror laws. He and the Liberals should reject this.


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  • Roll Tide

    Regarding the civil liberties issue, this has appeal with the hard left,as well as the hard right.

    “We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.” – Representative Larry McDonald (D), 1935-1983

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