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Using the military for political points

It should be rather obvious to all that when the Conservatives and Defense Minister Peter MacKay wants to come across as the only party to support the military, they do so with great fanfare. Witness the timing of their announced re-activation of the Halifax Rifles, right around the last election. When they have bad news, such as shutting down a large number of reserve units, they let their military officials do that, and they have other shortcomings too, as James points out. I’ll also point out that in the midst of that Russian bomber scare/fabrication a week and a bit ago by this government, a journalist or two mentioned that none of the big plans Harper promised for the Arctic – new bases, new subs etc – is anywhere near being on track. Their hypocrisy on being the big supporter of the military is rather blatant.

MacKay wouldn`t exactly be leaving on a high note if he gets that NATO gig. The question again is; do we want him gone so badly that we want him to get the NATO job, or are we afraid he’ll screw that up?


4 comments to Using the military for political points

  • Roll Tide

    :Peter MacKay wants to come across as the only party to support the military”

    It is no secret that the military have a great regard for the Conservatives. The stain Trudeau inflicted on military morale has yet to be erased.

  • kwittet

    Scott…when are you going to figure out they are all the same..they ALL use whatever they can to stay in power..Harper is doing it and looks desperate to keep his job..liberals do it just as much..and are jumping all over harper to make everything he does look bad so they can get there shot..which they will screw up also..the ndp…dont ever stand a chance so who gives a shit what they do!

    dam..i sound so disgruntled with all of them..and i am
    and no one can convince me that one is better than the other.

  • foottothefire

    Nato deserves Peter. Nato needs Peter. Nato is Peter!

  • Nato is a ruse. He’ll never get it. He just likes his name in the paper.

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