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Click on the links, Mr. Perlmutter

Alan Perlmutter is described in the London Free Press today as the organizer of the event in London that has invited Kathy Shaidle to speak there about human rights (I presume in the context of Kathy believing she has the right to spread her hate without having those nasty anti-hate laws hanging over her head). He is quoted in today’s paper as saying this about Shaidle’s controversial comments at her blog:

“If they are true, I will have nothing to do with her,” said Alan Perlmutter, a Jewish activist in London. But, he added, “I am not going to cancel her until we can cut through all the smoke and see what is being said.”

You want to see what she has said, Mr. Perlmutter? Easy enough. Just click on this link. You’ll see what she says is on the record (unless she’s wiped her archives clean), and that it’s more then just “a goofy smear campaign by name-calling leftists”, as Kathy charges.

On a related note, I know some people are worried that giving Shaidle publicity is what she wants. I don’t doubt that’s true, but I think articles like this in the Free Press (as well as other publications elsewhere) are good in that it is letting people who might not read her blog or blogs in general – including the organizers of this event – be aware of what hate she has spewed there.

UPDATE: More at BCL’s place.

UPDATE 2 @ 9:50 pm: Apparently, some of the links are now leading to some “page not found” errors. It may be that Kathy has gotten a bit jittery from the potential negative publicity in the LFP and is trying to possibly disappear those inflammatory posts. Fortunately, some quick thinking folks have managed to screen capture the posts in question, in case she really is deleting these and in case anyone like Mr. Perlmutter wants proof she has said what has been pointed out.


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  • Lollipops

    Some of the links are already wiped down the memory hole. Better screen capture quick before it all goes bu-bye

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