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Conservative ideologues fretting over Harper’s direction

Some have you may have seen online this column that appeared this morning in the Sun. It written by one Michael Taube, a former speechwriter for Harper. I know Mike from our University days; we went to the same Poli Sci classes, and we are still friends, despite the fact we’re about as far apart ideologically as 2 folks can be. He is not much different now then he was back then, so I’m not surprised at all to see the views he expressed in this column.

What I will say is, I hope Harper takes Mike’s advice, because I think that hastens Harper’s removal from power. His type of advice admonishing Harper to return to more traditional Conservative ideological purity is no different in many ways then what many of the Republican ideologues are urging the Republican Party to return to, after their party’s presidential defeat and further legislative seat losses in the Congress. What’s happened since then since some Republican politicians have tried that advice out in an all out effort to oppose Obama? Public opinion of their party has dropped even further then the Novemeber elections. There is good reason why the Obama White House is trying to paint the Republican Party as “the party of Rush Limbaugh”, because they know the large majority of the public has an extreme distaste for the type of ideas and methods that Rush proposes conservatives and Republicans do in opposing Obama’s agenda.

Returning to Canada; if, for example, Harper were to take Mike’s advice and stop spending money on universal health care, I believe that would be the death knell for the Conservatives electorally for a generation. Canada is much less of a conservative country then the US is, and when the US voters are rejecting conservative ideology as it stands, I find it hard to believe that Mike thinks that somehow the Canadian public (outside of the Conservative stronghold in Alberta) would look upon similar measures any more favourably.

Harper has failed to convince the Canadian public that he can be trusted with a majority for 2 straight elections, despite having optimal conditions to do so, despite wearing cute sweaters and having pictures taken of him holding cute kittens, and despite a concerted effort to convince Canadians he and the Conservative Party aren’t really “right-wing scary”. Now, the conservative base wants Harper to lean hard-right, in order to throw them some “red meat policies” in order to convince the Conservative right-wing base to continue voting for him? What about the rest of the country that aren’t Conservative ideologues?

As I said, I think it’s a recipe for electoral disaster, and for that reason, I encourage Harper to listen to Mike’s advice.


3 comments to Conservative ideologues fretting over Harper’s direction

  • kwittet

    Another comment on the health care issue.
    Really what is wrong with at least considering two tier health care. We already have it in one sense now.
    We have people who because they have money and cant wait for our system (because they will die) they run to the US where it can be done NOW>
    Sports players jump lines here in Canada all the time because they have the cash to pay.
    If doctors were allowed to open private clinics for specialized treatments and tests like MRI’s and the poeple who have the cash to step out of the waiting line to pay for it …would it not make the line move faster for the rest?
    Personally I could not give a shit if some rich person gets treated because he can pay..I get there faster because he is not in front of me. Hmm…jobs are created..a building is either built or is bought staff hired TAXES there any down side to this? NO
    ANd dont say its not fair because some have money to line jump..

  • kwittet

    So..i see a lot of mud slinging and smearing going least on here but i see no real solutions to what is ailing the nation? I think that given tax freedom day is past the halfway point in the year we should all just throw in the towell…vote the liberals in and then tax freedom day can come HOPEFULLY just before with my meager UI cheque after paying my rent because my house is lost because my boss who had to lay me off because his business taxes were raised because he had to pay for more social programs and it was just not fair that he had to work so hard to make his fortune so the wealth had to be spread around..sorry..i digress…i can buy my kids a slinky!!!

    two things i have heard lately that scared the shit out of me
    OBAMA..when he said..NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO EARN 50 million dollars per year? umm..yes they do..if that is not the case then that is communism.

    Rush Limbaugh
    why are obamas people concentrating on what rush has to say..does it really matter what he says? are they scared? that maybe what he is saying is starting to get people to think?

    go ahead now…take shots!!

  • Ted

    So today it is Taube, a former speechwriter of Harper’s.

    Before that it was Monte Solberg, a former cabinet minister of Harper’s.

    Before that it was Tom Flanagan, a former campaign chair and mentor of Harper’s.

    Before that it was Gerry Nichols, a former colleague at NCC with Harper.

    Can you say crumbling base?

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