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A tough choice.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t mind a bit if Peter MacKay left Canada to take up a job at NATO. On the other hand, do we really want him running an outfit like NATO? He’ll need to tone down or eliminate “the Russians are coming” screeching he and the Harper government have taken up recently, if he does somehow manage to win that position, as well as stop putting his foot into his mouth on other issues, as he
has managed to do in Canada. Maybe if he was out from under the thumb of Harper, he might up his performance in an international role (though I have my doubts).

I will admit though, I find it interesting that the Obama administration is supposedly supporting his bid.


1 comment to A tough choice.

  • I dunno. I always thought McKay was a pretty tolerable human being before he caved to the Reformers and became just another Harperbot. I’d like to think he could be again.

    Then again, I’ve always had a weird bit of a guilty crush on the guy, so I’m hardly unbiased.

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