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Conservative incompetence watch

Who put the Conservative government into a 1950’s time warp?

Mr. Hawn used the vice admiral’s appearance to drill home the new theme being touted by the Harper government of the increasing threat to Canada from the Russians (a few days earlier the Conservatives had been getting great headlines about the supposed attempt by two Russian Bear bombers to challenge Canadian airspace). “Are we concerned about any aerial incursions by the Russians for the Vancouver Olympics?” Mr. Hawn asked.

President Obama has publicly told the Russians he would have no need to follow through on the Bush administration’s proposal to put Star Wars-type missiles on Polish soil if they can persuade Iran to stop pursuing nuclear weapons technology, and Russia has responded favourably. Our Canadian government however, has decided to engage in a new version of the Red Scare. What’s next; Communist witch hunts in the civil service a la Joe McCarthy?

Also, if you want to read how uncommitted to the environment Harper and the Conservatives are, there is ample evidence of it in this piece by Paul Wells today, with this appalling snippet I think that emphasizes it:

The International Renewable Energy Agency, with 75 member countries, had its founding conference in Bonn in January. The U.S. sent an observer; Canada didn’t even bother doing that. A report from the Pembina Institute says Obama’s budget outspends Harper’s by six to one, per capita, on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Harper’s budget failed to expand its popular Eco-Energy for Renewable Power program, which pays companies one cent for every kilowatt-hour of clean energy they put into the grid, even though companies are lining up for a chance to make that kind of concrete contribution to Canada’s green energy supply. In the absence of the certainty Harper could have provided, Canadian firms are pulling up stakes and moving offshore. Germany’s “Solar Valley” outside Frankfurt is becoming home to more and more Canadian firms hiring German employees.

So our inaction on green energy is now COSTING us jobs, and costing us technology we could have been potentially exporting to other countries. (Take note, Mr Ignatieff, of that). President Obama is going to figure out pretty quickly what a fair # of us know up here; talk on doing something for the environment and reducing GHG/committing to green energy by the Harper government is just that – talk.


1 comment to Conservative incompetence watch

  • kwittet

    So what should we do then? Tax the shit out of the people who are left working to pay for green programs even though there is still no real proof that man causes this problem? Dont even bother to send links because there is just as many arguements for as there is against so to me if there is no clear proof either way. The only reason obama has jumped on all of this is he is a tax and spend liberal and his country is going to pay for his bailouts for a hundred years…

    and why is it in other posts that the americans are wingnuts but when it is convienient obama is a hero??
    the liberals are famous for licking there finger and sticking it up in the air to see which way to go..but then again..they all are.
    ALL the parties SUCK. the ndp is not even an option at all..they are as close to communism as can be. The libs..well..not bad but policys that tax the rich modern day robin hoods like obama that think rich people should not be rich and spread the wealth is just a bad idea.
    Conservatives? certainly far from perfect but the lesser of the 3 eveils.

    we need a new national choice.

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