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Archives discovers Kathy Shaidle.

An open letter to Alex Koppelman, who penned the story at Salon’s website:

Dear Alex:

I’d like to offer my heartfelt sympathies you had to expose your Salon readers to Kathy’s rantings and ravings. I know you have enough American wingnuts to deal with, without having to also read a Canadian Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin wanna-be. Her foaming-at-the-mouth really dirties up a monitor, and it needs strong disinfection once you’re done reading her stuff, as you and your reading membership have probably discovered.

Just remember one thing: like Rush Limbaugh, Kathy thrives on publicity/controversy. We progressive bloggers usually try to ignore her up here whenever possible (except that is, when she’s going on public TV, where I and many others don’t want our taxpayer dollars being used to support her loathsome views or give her any undeserved publicity, which was the reason a bunch of us raised a stink at TVO).

Thank you though, for sending me traffic the past 2 days that I normally only get on a consistent basis around a Canadian election cycle. At the very least, it exposes Shaidle for what she is (describing her as “not a very nice person” is being extremely charitable, and perhaps even an insult to “not very nice people” for being put on the same very low level as her).

Cordially yours.

P.S. Same sentiments goes to this American blog who also linked here. That’s a good comparative photo of Kathy side-by-side to that person they’ve got over there (though I’ve not heard of the 2nd person, I have to admit).

UPDATE @ 11:30 am: Thanks to Penlan in comments for informing me the 2nd photograph is of Ashley Todd, the Republican who claimed Obama supporters beat her up and then later admitted she self-mutilated herself.

UPDATE 2 @ 11: 15 pm: Warren makes a good point: Salon did a lot better research on Ms. Five Feet of Fury then TVO ever did.


11 comments to discovers Kathy Shaidle.

  • Before Kathy left relapsed catholic I asked her about her illness.
    (Lupus- she wasn’t able to get disability)

    She said she was fine, in remission.
    This is a serious auto immune disease and while a lot of factors may be in play with Kathy (we humans are complex) people with auto immune illnesses are not aware of the damage because of the damage.
    There are several kinds of Lupus.

    The downhill slide is consistent with her illness, especially what we’ve all seen online cognitively and with mood and behavior, consistent with the cluster of neuropsychiatric manifestations.

    I’m not prepared to dismiss autoimmune damage in Kathy and dismiss her rantings as fully willful and aware.
    I don’t condone her hate, her bigotry, her aggressiveness, confusion, rage, fixations, obsessions, paranoia, loss of wit, percieved loss of social support etc. but I’m not going to attack her either because I don’t know how much damage Lupus has caused or is causing and every one of the things I listed are quite valid. I doubt she knows either; like many with Lupus wouldn’t go to a doctor consistently, especially when she has been written off as malingering or mildly symptomatic or in remission. Remission is real, it doesn’t undo the damage nor do most remissions last.
    I’d like to see her off line, not getting negative or positive attention and gone.

  • James Hoobey

    And so goes Scott’s quest to provoke a link from Kathy. With wit like this, it’s a wonder he hasn’t yet succeeded:

    “Her foaming-at-the-mouth really dirties up a monitor, and needs strong disinfection once you’re done reading her stuff, as you and your reading membership have probably discovered.”

    My dead English teacher just rolled over.

    • James – getting a link from Kathy is the last thing I am looking for or hoping for. In addition to dirtying up the monitor, they lower the discourse at a site quite rapidly.

  • @Red Tory – An over-reaction, from Roll Tide? Quelle surprise.

  • Bit of an over-reaction, don’t you think?

  • Roll Tide

    “when she’s going on public TV, where I and many others don’t want our taxpayer dollars being used to support her loathsome views”

    Scott makes a strong case for de-funding the CBC, and TVO.
    In the CBC’s case, over a billion dollars to fund views that are often abhorrent to conservatives. My tax dollars used to fund views I consider loathsome. Its about time we de-fund all these abhorrent views.

  • Shaidle is a horrid, ugly little creature. Worse, she’s boring and spectacularly unfunny.

  • Oh wait, that should be Tres Canadian 😆

  • How very Canadian 😆

  • I agree,that, like Limbaugh, Shaidle is loving the attention. She appears to be a needy person. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  • Ashley Todd is the other woman. She is the one who during the U.S. campaign accused an Obama worker of beating her up. She later confessed she sel-mutilated. You can read it here:

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